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Climate Controlled Storage

While SecurCare can’t control what’s going on outside your self storage unit, we can control what’s going on inside to make sure your valuables stay protected.  Whether it’s the dry heat in California, the harsh winters in Colorado, or the brutal humidity in Florida – we’ve got you covered.

What's the Difference Between Climate and Temperature Controlled Storage?

  • Temperature controlled = heated and cooled
  • Climate controlled = heated, cooled and humidity control

Why Do I Need Temperature Controlled Storage?

Extreme temperature fluctuations can damage certain belongings. Storing them in an environment that is closer to your house's environment is a safer option. Consider storing these items in a temperature controlled storage unit. 

  • Wooden Furniture: High levels of humidity can cause wood to warp and crack, inflicting major damage to your valuables.

  • Leather Furniture: Temperature changes can also take a big toll on your leather pieces, causing discoloration and a buildup of mildew.

  • Appliances: Extreme heat or cold could cause mechanical parts to crack or rust, causing some major damage.

  • Electronics: Most electronics – like computers, stereos, and plasma TVs – aren’t built to handle big temperature fluctuations. Humidity is also dangerous to your electronics and can cause as much damage as a direct water spill.

  • Clothes: Once again, humidity plays a big role when it comes to storing your clothes, and can cause a buildup of mildew and even mold.

Take Control of Your Needs

We may not have control of the temperature outside, but we can control how it affects your things. Once you decide a climate controlled storage unit is best for you, be sure to take advantage of our Storage Guide to help determine how much space you need. We also offer moving supplies to help along the way – rain, snow, or shine!

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