Self Storage Tips


Storage units are an efficient way to preserve belongings when you don’t have storage space in your home, you’re making a transition to a new house or you’re a college student going home for the summer. Whether you’re getting ready to move or are clearing out clutter, a variety of storage unit options ensure you’ll find a storage unit to fit your needs.

There are several different types of storage units to choose from, and we hope these storage tips will help you discover the best fit. Climate controlled units work well for storing sensitive belongings, and we have storage units large enough to store a vehicle. Businesses also frequently benefit from using self storage to maintain important files. Whatever you need, we have a space for you!

Get started on finding the perfect storage unit by using our storage unit size guide to discover your ideal space.

Special Storage Conditions

If you plan to store items that need to have a climate controlled space, we have plenty of units. Climate controlled storage units are slightly more expensive than standard storage units. If you have items of high value that can’t be in extreme heat or cold, it’s essential that you upgrade to a temperature or climate controlled unit.

Organize Extra Items

Whether you're moving, selling furniture or you own a business, storage units are the perfect option to organize all of your products and supplies.

Store Winter and Holiday Decor

Storage units are essential for keeping seasonal decor and gear out of sight until next year. Store holiday decorations, winter coats, snowmobiles, ski equipment and more.

With over 225 storage facilities across the U.S., it's easy to find a SecurCare Self Storage facility near you! Contact us to find out more about storage features, rates and availability.

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Self Storage Locations

Affordable, safe and professional storage. Choose from a variety of storage units, from 20 square feet to 600+ square feet.