Records and File Storage


When it comes to managing your personal or professional files, there are two key factors to keep in mind: organization and security. Documents can pile up and take over your desk, office or home. Self storage is a great solution to get those papers out of your way and into a secure place. 

How to Prep Your Records and Files for Storage 

Divide your paperwork into three groups:

  • Long term storage: This includes files like old receipts, invoices, bank statements, tax returns, business records, etc. that you need to keep on file, but won’t need immediate access to.
  • Filing cabinet: For homeowners, having a small filing cabinet or safe in the house is ideal for documents such as recent medical bills, the past year’s tax information, user manuals, and any files on your home and vehicles.
  • Emergency files: These are documents you will want on hand immediately and are best kept out of a storage unit. Social security cards, passports, birth and marriage certificates, wills and a list of emergency contacts. It may be worth investing in a fireproof box for these difficult to replace documents.

Use proper storage devices to protect paper:

  • Acid-free boxes & folders
  • Plastic sleeves
  • Binders
  • Accordion folders
  • Polyester film
  • Vertical filing cabinets
  • Lateral filing cabinets
  • Mobile shelving
  • Bookshelves

Additional Features to Consider

Climate Control: Paper items are sensitive to changing temperatures and humidity levels. Several of our facilities offer climate controlled storage units, which keeps your space a consistent temperature year-round.

Controlled Access: Most SecurCare locations offer controlled access through electronic gates—a personalized passcode is required to enter the facility. 

Secure Disc Lock: SecurCare recommends that all tenants use secure disc locks. These locks are more resistant to bolt cutters, hindering illegal access.

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