Entryway Feng Shui | What Color Should I Paint My Front Door?

front door colors

Your front door is your house’s first impression. Whether you want to impress guests or prospective buyers, you’ll want to choose the right front door colors. Use our guide to find out what color to paint your front door. Other Colors to Paint Your Front Door If you’re selling a more traditional home where a …

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Airbnb Host Tips & Getting Started FAQs

airbnb host tips

Making extra money from your apartment sounds great, but is it illegal to rent apartments on Airbnb? Consider these important and legal factors before you post your pad:

3 Easy DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas

bathroom vanity ideas DIY

If you’re like us and you get the ambition to take on a DIY project after an HGTV marathon of Flea Market Flip, we’ve got the perfect project for you. Spruce up your bathroom vanity to give your powder room a whole new look. Check out these DIY bathroom vanity ideas:

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Your 2022 Wellness and Self-Care Guide

If you’re asking yourself, what is self-care and how do I do it? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a Wellness Guide for 2022 for you to stay physically and emotionally fit in 2022! Like a delicious Christmas turkey, this guide is stuffed full of goodness, with tips, advice, and …

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How to Organize and Store Sports Equipment in a Garage

How To Organize Sports Equipment In a Garage

If there’s one thing that the entire family agrees on, it’s that sports are fun! However, the biggest problem is that there are many different sports types and they’re all fun. Each one comes with equipment that fills up your garage! Bats and balls and racquets, oh my! If you’ve got a big family and …

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How to Declutter and Organize Your Garage

How To Declutter and Organize Your Garage

When it comes to storage space in your home, there are few places better than the garage. However, the biggest problem with most garages is simply this; they’re an absolute mess. Many American families can’t even park in their garage; it’s so stuffed with their things. If that’s you, stick around! This article, How to …

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1 Car Garage Organization Ideas

1 car garage organization ideas

Garages are great; there’s no doubt about that. They keep your car clean and help it last longer. They’re a great place to store sports equipment and lawn care tools. Some homes have a single car garage. It’s better than nothing, no question, but a single car garage can run out of space quickly. That’s …

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Tea 101: How to Store Matcha & Whisks

How to store matcha tea

There are few libations in the world as delicious and healthy as Matcha tea. A cousin, if you will, of green tea, Matcha tea consists of young tea leaves. Tea makers grind those leaves, like most teas, into a fine powder for brewing. The similarities end there, however, as we’ll see in just a few …

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