How To Keep Jewelry From Tarnishing

Now that you know how to pack necklaces without tangling, you need to learn how to pack different types of jewelry to prevent tarnishing. Did you know different materials need different storage? Jewelry is fragile and, in most cases, expensive. That’s why knowing how to pack jewelry by its type is a must. Proper packing …

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All About Storage Unit Auctions in Tulsa, OK

Storage unit auctions

You’ll find storage facilities all across the United States. The best facilities are secure, clean, and affordable. Here in Tulsa, residents use storage for everything you can imagine. Furniture, collectibles, sports equipment – you name it. Occasionally, people who rent storage units abandon them. If nobody claims the storage unit, we are legally allowed to …

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Holiday Barbies | Value as Dazzling as Their Dresses

2020 Holiday Barbie in box

Introduced in 1988, holiday Barbies are the most widely collected Barbie. Their dazzling dresses, fancy hairdos, and themed boxes make them a Barbie lover’s dream. But, how much are holiday Barbies worth? Learn about the value of everyone’s favorite festive doll.

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How to Identify Old Pawn Jewelry

How to Identify Old Pawn Jewelry

Old Pawn jewelry—these turquoise treasures are well known in the southwest part of the U.S. This Native American jewelry has more history than meets the eye. Read on to find out how to identify Old Pawn jewelry.

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10 of the World’s Most Collectable Children’s Books

List of Collectible Children’s Books

Do you remember following Charlie through the chocolate factory? Or how about getting whisked away by Tolkien’s tale of adventure with Bilbo? Some early copies of the world’s most beloved children’s stories are now worth a small fortune.

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How To Arrange a China Cabinet: Your Visual Guide

Learn how to arrange a china cabinet using our fool-proof visual guide. Create a perfect presentation shelf by shelf. Here’s how to decorate a china cabinet with dishes, glasses and serving pieces.

Antique Sewing Machine Value

There are several ways to determine your antique sewing machine value. If it’s rare, it could be worth more than you think. Find out its value using these tips.

How to Identify Antique Bisque Dolls

There are many features that can tell you how to identify antique bisque dolls. First manufactured in 1860, bisque dolls have transformed from toys to treasures. These dollies can be worth serious dollars—upwards of $1000.