8 Things We Love for Minimalist Apartment Ideas

minimalist apartment decor

No matter if this is your first apartment or your fifteenth, you want it to be perfect. After all, your apartment is your home base, your place to relax, and sometimes your place of work too. Since most of us spend so much time in our homes these days, we put together some minimalist apartment …

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How to Make a DIY Wine Rack: Step by Step Instructions

DIY wine rack

There’s no denying that here in the US, we all love our wines. Although red wine is the most popular, white and sparkling wines are delicious too. But Americans aren’t wine snobs; we love all types of wine! In fact, Americans love wine so much that in 2021 we drank $63 billion worth of vino. …

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Craft Room Organization Ideas

Now that Pinterest has shown you all the ways you can reuse mason jars and second-hand furniture, you may be ready to dive into the world of crafting.

How to Host a Wedding at Home | Backyard Themes & Budget

how to host a wedding at home

A wedding serves as not only the union of two individuals, but also a reunion for a number of friends and family. Hosting the special day in your home and backyard may be a sentimental, simple and economical option, but it is important to properly evaluat

How to Wrap a Present: DIY Guide in GIFs

Wrapping a present is a labor of love that adds the perfect finishing touch to any gift. However, it can be a pain to get right the first time! Follow this GIF tutorial and learn how to wrap a gift box perfectly. Perfect your gift by watching our video example of how to tie a …

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DIY Stud Earring Holder

Make a DIY earring holder for studs using our step-by-step photo tutorial. This industrial-inspired project looks great and will only set you back a few bucks.

Your 2022 Wellness and Self-Care Guide

If you’re asking yourself, what is self-care and how do I do it? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a Wellness Guide for 2022 for you to stay physically and emotionally fit in 2022! Like a delicious Christmas turkey, this guide is stuffed full of goodness, with tips, advice, and …

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