How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom for the Coziest Zen Vibes

Feng Shui isn’t just about the organization; it’s also about the space, like your bedroom, and the way it makes you feel. Feng Shui experts say that, when done well, it can have an incredibly positive effect on your life. You’ll feel more relaxed, happier, calmer, and even more confident. Below are several things you can do for a Feng Shui bedroom that makes you feel fantastic.

The Colors Are Crucial for a Feng Shui Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the most essential rooms in your home for several reasons. It’s where you rest and recharge your body, for example, and renew your energy for the day ahead. Indeed, we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, which is why the right Feng Shui color scheme is crucial. The recommended colors include:

  • Light Blues and Light Greens- This color represents growth, energy, and new starts.
  • If you’re single, the color peach is said to help attract a new mate or significant other.
  • The marriage area of the Bagua map is pink, making it an excellent color for the bedroom.
How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

In a Feng Shui Bedroom, Layout is Important

One of the most important aspects of Feng Shui is the layout of everything in a particular room. In the bedroom, the main concern is the bed, typically the most significant piece of furniture. (Also the most important.)

Following Feng Shui guidelines, the bed should be placed where, when lying in it, you can see the bedroom door. Feng Shui experts recommend placing the bed diagonally to the door. They also advise against putting it in a direct line with the door.

Pairs of Everything and Rounded Edges

One of the most interesting aspects of feng shui is the belief that pairs promote harmonious energy. That’s why it’s recommended you have two of everything in your bedroom for balance. Matching nightstands, for example, lamps, curtains, and so forth. Also, Feng Shui experts recommend having furniture with oval and circular shapes rather than sharp edges. When it comes to bedroom organization ideas, having no sharp edges is something we can all agree on.

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

What to Avoid for a Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

Just as there are things you should do when following feng shui, there are some things you shouldn’t. Remember, it’s all about making your bedroom feel better, more relaxed, safer, and calmer. To do that, avoid the following feng shui organization mistakes, including:

Avoid Having Mirrors in Your Bedroom

Feng shui enthusiasts believe if you have a mirror in your bedroom, it could prevent you from sleeping well. That’s because they believe mirrors can bounce your energy around the room. This can, they say, amplify feelings of worry and restlessness. The worst thing you can do according to Feng shui? Place a mirror on the opposite side of the room facing your bed.

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Avoid Placing the Right Paintings Above Your Bed

No feng shui rule says you can’t hang paintings above your bed. However, the right image is vital as the wrong one can negatively affect the space. For example, any paintings you hang above your bed should be paintings that you thoroughly enjoy. If you don’t, it can negatively affect the aura of your bedroom.

Any paintings should have no hostile or aggressive tendencies but instead be highly optimistic, pleasant, and lighthearted. Also, the pictures can show water, but it must be calm waters like a beautiful stream, not turbulent like waterfalls. In short, any painting you hang above your bed should be calm, serene, beautiful, and inviting.

Avoid Putting Plants in Your Bedroom

We know, plant moms – this is awful news. The reasoning behind this is that plants can bring in life and natural energy. Feng shui practitioners recommend putting plants everywhere else but the bedroom because they bring that high energy. This type of energy may not be the best for those who are restless or suffer from insomnia. In fact, plants keeping us awake is actually backed by science.

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

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This post was published on 1/9/2015. It was updated on 1/17/2022.