Do People Move During the Winter?

Family unloading car with boxes and walking towards new house

Moving is one of those things that, while necessary, is despised by almost everyone. That’s because moving, in most cases, is stressful and exhausting, and that’s when the weather conditions are perfect! Speaking of ideal conditions, if you’re wondering whether people move during the winter, the answer is a resounding “yes.” The fact is, you …

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Pros and Cons of Living in Avon, IN

Close up image of leaves during the fall in Avon

Some say that, in life, you can’t have it all. Those people have probably never been to Avon, Indiana, because one visit would change their minds immediately! A scant 13 miles from the center of Indianapolis, Avon has a small-town vibe but provides access to big-city amenities, attractions, and services. Of course, like all American …

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The Pros and Cons of Living in Jacksonville, NC

Sunset at a beach in Jacksonville, NC

Home to celebrated Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, North Carolina is also the commercial hub of Onslow County. Jacksonville was named an All-American city in 1982 and, demographically, is one of the youngest cities in the United States due to its large military presence. If you’re moving to Jacksonville, or you’re coming here to …

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Useful Tips and Advice when Moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado

Downtown Colorado Springs

Moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado, soon? If so, you should consider yourself lucky! Colorado Springs is one of the best cities in America, surrounded by beauty and offering many fantastic amenities. The quality of life in Colorado Springs is off the charts, as are the weather, fresh air, and green spaces.  There’s much more to …

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Moving to Arlington, TX Guide

Aerial view of neighborhoods in Dallas-Fort Worth area

As they say, everything is bigger in Texas, which also goes for the city of Arlington. There are a fantastic variety of things to do and see in Arlington, including the Super Bowl champion Dallas Cowboys in their impressive AT&T Stadium! If you’re moving to Arlington, TX or just arrived and need information about the …

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Moving to Longview, TX

Word longview printed on a map

East Texas’s outdoor recreation and leisure center, Longview, TX, is an inviting and quaint town. Longview has a beautiful and historic downtown area and is one of the most liveable towns in Texas. Knowing the city’s good and bad points is crucial when moving to Longview, TX. You can rest easy because we’ve compiled some …

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Renting a Moving Pod

Storage pod outside of house

When moving, most people think about renting a truck, and if they need storage, a self storage unit. Those are some traditional methods of moving and storing your things, but today there’s another option: moving pods. If you’re not sure which route is best for you, we’ve got some facts about moving pods that can …

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How to Pack a Storage Unit Like a Pro

How to pack a storage unit

At SecurCare, we see a lot of first-time movers at one of our many storage facilities. When they use one of our clean, secure, self-storage locations, they become first-time storage unit packers. If that’s you, and you’re searching for real-world tips about packing (aka loading) a storage unit, you’re in the right place. We’ve put …

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Top Tips and Advice for Moving to Fayetteville, North Carolina

Are you and your family moving to Fayetteville, NC? If so, you’ll be happy to know Fayetteville is an inviting, exciting city known as a beautiful place to live. It’s not the largest city, with around 212,000 residents, but Fayetteville isn’t small, either. It’s what urban planners call “densely urban,” which has plenty of upsides …

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Helpful Tips & Advice for Moving to Bakersfield, California

Moving to Bakersfield, California, in the next few weeks or months? If yes, consider yourself lucky! Bakersfield ranks as one of the best places to live in the United States. The quality of life is marvelous, the city has a thriving job market, and for California, housing prices are reasonable. In fact, Bakersfield is one …

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