Don’t Regret Moving to Colorado

Moving to Colorado Checklist

Colorado is one of the most extraordinary states in the United States for several reasons, one of which is the incomparable Rocky Mountains. However, one unfortunate occurrence in many American lives is when a person moves to a new state and regrets it. If you’re worried about regretting a move to Colorado, we’ve got some …

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Moving from California to Texas Checklist

Moving from California to Texas is a big deal; there’s no denying that. When moving to another state, you’ve got to plan well in advance to ensure things go smoothly. Planning and preparation are the keys to decreasing your stress and avoiding problems big and small. check out this “moving from California to Texas checklist” …

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6 Best College Towns in America (FREE Downloadable Posters)

best college towns

Going to college or university is a huge step in anyone’s life. It means moving away from home and being on your own for the first time. It can be a stressful transition; which is why choosing the right college is important. There are tons of colleges in fantastic towns with lots of great amenities. …

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Small College Apartment Bedroom Ideas: How to Decorate

Are you stuck living in a tiny bedroom in your college dorm or apartment? If yes, we’re betting you could use some small college apartment bedroom ideas for storage and decorating. Luckily, we’re the experts when it comes to small space solutions. Read on to find out our best space-saving ideas on how to decorate …

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Why a Messy Dorm Room is Bad For Your Brain

Ever tried cleaning up a messy dorm room and realized you’ve been growing a science experiment in an old cereal bowl? *Shudders* Well, if that experience happens often, it’s actually really bad for you. We’ve all dealt with a messy dorm room or apartment at some point. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, if …

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Study Abroad Guide: The Top Summer Programs for College Students

As summer approaches and college and university campuses clear out, many students are gearing up to travel. Traveling during summer break from college is an American tradition that goes back decades. It’s one of the best ways to unwind from school and de-stress for a few weeks. Travel abroad is also exciting and can significantly …

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How to Declutter and Organize Your Garage

How To Declutter and Organize Your Garage

When it comes to storage space in your home, there are few places better than the garage. However, the biggest problem with most garages is simply this; they’re an absolute mess. Many American families can’t even park in their garage; it’s so stuffed with their things. If that’s you, stick around! This article, How to …

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Can You Laminate a Social Security Card?

In the United States, your social security number is essential – there’s no doubt about it. It’s your identification for government purposes. One question many people have is, “can you laminate a social security card?” And if not, what’s the best way to protect your important papers and documents? We have the answer to that …

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Your Moving Truck Size Guide

Family moving boxes into moving truck

Before you pack up your house for a move, you’ll need to reserve a moving truck. Moving trucks come in a variety of sizes, so it’s crucial to choose the right one for a safe and efficient move. Scratching your head wondering, “How big of a moving truck do I need?” We can help you figure it out.

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How to Get Free Boxes: 4 Places to Check

Man taping moving box

Moving, storing or reorganizing? You’ll be surprised by the number of boxes you need—especially if you’re moving. Cut costs! Learn how to get free boxes from 4 sources:

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