Pros and Cons of Living in Avon, IN

Close up image of leaves during the fall in Avon

Some say that, in life, you can’t have it all. Those people have probably never been to Avon, Indiana, because one visit would change their minds immediately! A scant 13 miles from the center of Indianapolis, Avon has a small-town vibe but provides access to big-city amenities, attractions, and services. Of course, like all American cities and towns, Avon isn’t perfect. If you’re moving here and want to know about the good and the not-so-good parts of this generous, hospitable, and inviting town, the pros and cons of living in Avon, IN, below will get you off to a great start!

Avon, Indiana Pros and Cons


  • Avon is a beautiful, safe place to raise a family.
  • The public schools in Avon are excellent and get an A from Niche. (2 schools are Top 10 in the state!)
  • The job market and economy are both strong in Avon.
  • Avon’s unemployment rate is very low (3.5%).
  • The cost of living in Avon is slightly less than the U.S. average.
  • Summertime in Avon is comfortable, sunny, and enjoyable, with almost no sweltering heat.
  • Avon is close enough to Indianapolis to make it easy to get into the city for events, sports, and culture.


  • Winter in Avon can be long, cold, and dreary.
  • Avon’s commute time is longer than many similar towns.
  • Property crime rates in Avon are 60% higher than the national average.
  • Shopping and dining options in Avon are limited.

What is Avon, IN, Known For?

Avon is known for several things, but if we’re honest, none would make the national news. The reason why is that this suburb of just over 20,000 residents doesn’t have any real historical ties, nor does it offer nationally recognized sites or amenities.

What Avon is known for is a laid-back, small-town atmosphere with friendly people and less traffic. According to Money magazine, Avon is also known for being one of the Top 20 best places to live in the United States. In other words, Avon is known for being a quiet little suburb of Indianapolis that offers an outstanding, enjoyable, and family-friendly lifestyle.

What It’s Like Living in Avon, IN

Downtown Indianapolis at night

If you’ve ever lived in a small suburb of a large city, you know what it’s like in Avon. There’s much less traffic and a lot less noise. People are friendlier and will look in your direction and say “hello” as you pass on the street. Most people know their neighbors, and there’s a community vibe that you won’t often find in a bigger town or city.

Avon is small, so you’re not going to have quick and super-easy access to amenities and attractions like museums, galleries, and science centers. If you want to do some serious shopping, you’ll have to look outside of town, although you will find excellent locally-grown produce at most supermarkets. The local school board and PTA are strong, which is why Avon has top-rated public schools.

Being close to Indianapolis does have its perks, of course. There’s the Indy sports scene, with the Super Bowl-winning Indianapolis Colts of the NFL as the main attraction. There’s also the Indianapolis Motor Speedway which hosts the annual (and esteemed) Indianapolis 500.

One local amenity you’ll be able to enjoy every day is Town Hall Park. This 83-acre park is one of Avon’s hidden gems, with walking and biking paths, several playgrounds for the little ones, and even a fishing pond and RC track for racing battery-powered cars and trucks! Avon Gardens, while much smaller, is lovely and offers perfectly manicured gardens, making it a popular place for weddings.

Quick Facts about Avon, IN

The Weather

Avon’s summer weather is comfortable, dry, and sunny but rarely sweltering. In winter, however, it can get bitterly cold, and there’s often quite a bit of snow.

The Cost of Living

The cost of living in Avon is slightly less than the U.S. average, with a cost index of 98.5/100. Miscellaneous expenses are the only one higher than the national average. However, none of the cost indices in Avon are much lower than the U.S. average. In other words, Avon’s not expensive, but not cheap, either. 

The Public Schools

The public school system in Avon gets an A, which is terrific. Some of the standout schools include Lincoln Elementary (#4 in the state), Brownsburg East Middle School (#2 in the state), and White Lick Elementary (#12 in the state). There’s also Brownsburg High School, the #14-ranked high school in the state.

Recreation Opportunities

Bench under a tree in a park

Avon doesn’t offer a lot of recreation in town, although Town Hall Park and Avon Gardens are both standout parks available for all residents to use for free. Town Hall Park, as we’ve seen, offers a wide variety of fun and exciting activities for the entire family.

Real Estate Prices

The median home cost in Avon is $314,600, about $22,000 less than the national average. More people own than rent, and the average rental cost is a relatively high $1,329.00 per month.

Top Neighborhoods in Avon

Avon is a very small town with only a handful of neighborhoods, all above average. Considering how well-rated Avon is as a U.S. town, there’s not a big difference between any of these communities. In short, when moving here, you should consider all of them as good choices.

  • Winton Meadows
  • Camby
  • Avon Trails
  • Woodcreek Crossing
  • Wynbrooke
  • Glen Avon

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