Top 20 Things to Do in Oklahoma City, OK

Downtown Oklahoma City during a sunrise

Affectionately known as OKC, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a city of culture, warmth, and the pioneering spirit of the Old West. It’s also known for its hospitality, strong sense of community, innovation, and diversity. If you’re planning a visit to Oklahoma City or a possible move here, the information below is just what you’re looking …

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The Notable Pros and Cons of Living in Prospect, KY

View of downtown Louisville, KY

Located on the outskirts of Louisville is the town of Prospect, Kentucky, a city with an interesting blend of urban accessibility and suburban tranquility. Prospect is a charming city, no doubt, with beautiful views of the Ohio River, lush landscapes, and a relatively high quality of life. Like any American city, Prospect has several challenges …

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Top 8 Fun and Exciting Things to Do in Charleston, South Carolina

Skyline view of Charleston South Carolina during a sunrise

A few American cities have as much history and charm as Charleston, South Carolina. With beautiful weather for about 11 months out of the year and a gorgeous location on the southeastern seaboard, calling Charleston picturesque would not do it justice. The city, especially the historic Downtown, is undeniably alluring. Are you making plans to …

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Move to Norman, OK

Word Norman on a map

Offering an excellent combination of small-town charm and big-city amenities, Norman, OK, is a fine place to live, work, and raise a family! If you’re moving to Norman sometime soon and are looking for more detailed information, you’re in luck! Below are the top 5 reasons to move to this lovely city in the heart …

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Why do People Love Living in Bryan, TX?

College Station building with flowers

Located close to Houston and Austin, Bryan, TX, offers a wonderful blend of traditional charm, modern conveniences, and phenomenal weather. You’ll also find diverse job opportunities in Bryan and a relatively low cost of living. If you’re moving to Bryan soon (or thinking about it) and want to know more about the city before you …

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What Is It Like Living in Rosamond, California?

Words Rosamond on a map with a pin in it

If Rosamond is on your list of possible cities to move to, you’re likely searching for information about the town to help you make a final decision. The information below will be beneficial in making an informed choice! It’s a look at what it’s like living in Rosamond, California, including all of the exciting things …

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The Best Winter Activities in Colorado

Snowshoeing up close

In Colorado, winter is a time of transformation. Snow turns Colorado into a winter wonderland with all the winter activities you can imagine. That includes world-class skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and much more! If you’re planning to visit Colorado and looking to enjoy yourself to the fullest, the information below is perfect! It’s a list of …

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Is El Paso, Texas a Good Place to Live?

Skyline view of El Paso Texas during a sunset

Are you moving to El Paso sometime soon? If so, the information below should be extremely helpful. It’s a list of the reasons why El Paso, Texas, is a good place to live, including its beautiful scenery, affordable housing, excellent education, and thriving job market. To learn more about El Paso before you arrive, read …

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What is it Like Living in Fort Collins, Colorado?

aerial photos overlooking Fort Collins in daytime

At the foothills of the Rocky Mountains sits lovely Fort Collins, Colorado. With a thriving cultural scene and nearly unlimited opportunities for outdoor adventures, Fort Collins offers a distinct lifestyle with friendly communities, excellent schools, and plentiful nature. Those assets have made Fort Collins one of the most sought-after destinations in the United States and …

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Pros and Cons of Living in Tulsa, OK

tulsa, ok at night with skyscrapers

When you move to a new city, it’s a good idea to do your research — the weather, the cost of living, amenities, etc. The same goes for Tulsa, Oklahoma, one of America’s finest cities. With top-rung amenities and several other positives, it’s a great place to call home. Like any other American metropolis, though, …

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