The Notable Pros and Cons of Living in Prospect, KY

View of downtown Louisville, KY

Located on the outskirts of Louisville is the town of Prospect, Kentucky, a city with an interesting blend of urban accessibility and suburban tranquility. Prospect is a charming city, no doubt, with beautiful views of the Ohio River, lush landscapes, and a relatively high quality of life. Like any American city, Prospect has several challenges you need to know about before you choose to move there. The good news?  The storage experts at SecurCare Self Storage put together the following info-filled article for you, focusing on the pros and cons of living in Prospect. If that’s the detailed, actionable information you’re looking for today, read on!  

The PROs of Living in Prospect, KY

1. Prospect Offers many Interesting and Exciting Things to Do

Prospect is located very close to the Ohio River, which gives you an opportunity to enjoy fishing, boating, and other water sports. The city also has numerous green spaces and parks, several excellent golf courses, and a wide variety of community hosted events throughout the year.

2. The Dining Scene in Prospect is Outstanding

The culinary scene in Prospect is surprisingly diverse and satisfying! There are a wide range of restaurants throughout the city that offer cuisines from around the world, showcasing both local flavors, and those with more of an international flair. (See Prospect’s 8 best restaurants further down!)

3. Prospect Offers Attractive, Safe and Quiet Neighborhoods

Neighborhood with houses

Like any American city, Prospect has a wide variety of different neighborhoods, all offering their unique charms, amenities and services. However, Prospect is more on the upscale side in terms of genuinely excellent neighborhoods, including luxurious Harrods Glenn and inviting Bridgepoint, among others.

4. Natural Beauty in Prospect is Everywhere You Look

Prospect is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Kentucky, and, as mentioned earlier, is very close to the Ohio River. Natural beauty abounds and is easy to experience on a daily basis.

5. Prospect has High-Quality Housing Options

You’ll find a genuinely wide variety of high-quality housing options in prospect, including luxurious waterfront properties, charming family homes, and beautiful apartment properties.

6. The Crime Rates in Prospect are Significantly Lower than many American Cities

Both property crime and violent crime in Prospect, KY, are significantly lower than the rest of the United States. For example, violent crime is 6.5/100* compared to the US average of 22.7/100. Property claim is slightly higher at 19.4/100 but still almost 50% lower than the US average (35.4/100).  (*On a scale of 100, with 1 being best and 100 being worst.)

7. Healthcare Access is High in Prospect

Many folks retire to Prospect, Kentucky, because of the easy (and relatively affordable) access to top healthcare facilities and services.

8. The Lifestyle in Prospect is Highly Attractive

View of Ohio River on a sunny day

With a blend of leisurely living, varied recreational opportunities, and high community involvement, the lifestyle in Prospect is very attractive. People take pride in their homes and community, local schools are highly rated and the city’s commitment to maintaining beautiful green spaces is notable.

9. Prospect has Highly-Rated Public Schools

There are 53 public schools in prospect and the majority of them get excellent grades. In fact, #1, #3, and #7 of the Top 10 best public high schools in Kentucky are located in Prospect! For that reason, the city gets a B+ overall school ranking, which is great news if you’re a parent of school-age kids!

The CONs of Living in Prospect, KY

1. The Commute Time in Prospect is Longer than Other Kentucky Cities

Traffic jam with a bunch of cars

Due to several factors, the commute time in Prospect is a bit longer than many other Kentucky cities. Some of the reasons for the longer commute time include the following:

  • Major infrastructure development
  • Dependence on major roadways
  • Limited public transportation options
  • An increasing number of commuters

2. Nightlife in Prospect is Limited

If you’re looking for exciting, vibrant and varied nightlife, you’ll have to look outside of Prospect. The good news is that Louisville is close by and offers a wide range of clubs, bars, activities, and events.

3. Prospect can be Challenging for Those with Seasonal Allergies

We mentioned earlier that Prospect offers abundant natural beauty. The problem is that, during spring and, to a lesser extent, autumn, the pollen count in Prospect skyrockets, which can be problematic for folks with allergies.

4. Housing Costs in Prospect are Quite High

One of the biggest cons of living in prospect is the cost of housing. Unfortunately, while the rest of Kentucky has a housing index of 57/100 (which is excellent), Prospect has a housing index of 167/100, nearly 70% higher than the US average. The median home cost in prospect is $550,000, which is significantly higher than both Kentucky and a good chunk of the United States.

The Top 8 Restaurants in Prospect, KY

Pork chops on a black plate on a wooden table
  • The Blackstone Grille: A cozy dining experience with excellent service. Try the Berkshire Double Cut Pork Chop!
  • Gracious Plenty: Offers a delicious, homestyle menu and highly satisfying dining experience.
  • Fleur de Tea: A delightful spot for tea lovers. They also host events like bridal showers.
  • Sushi Master: The go-to place in Prospect for sushi lovers, with a variety of delicious Japanese dishes and cocktails.
  • Commonwealth Tap: An inviting atmosphere, knowledgeable, staff, and excellent selection of bourbons make this a local favorite.
  • Atrium Brewing: This local micro brewery offers a wide variety of delicious beers and excellent food options.
  • Cunningham’s Creekside: Offering a lovely creek view, this divine seafood restaurant is popular for its fast service and friendly environment.
  • Alchemy Restaurant: Venezuelan cuisine that’s beloved in Prospect thanks to an owner who pays meticulous attention to diners’ needs.

Last Words on the Pros and Cons of Living in Prospect, Kentucky

We think you’ll agree, there are many more pros than cons when it comes to Prospect, Kentucky. Here at SecurCare Self Storage, we take pride in being the self storage experts in Prospect! Our Prospect, KY, storage facilities are clean, safe, and secure, with all the amenities you need to have an excellent storage experience.

If you’ve just moved here, or if you’ve lived in Prospect your entire life and are running out of storage space at home, we can help you store your stuff! Simply reserve a storage unit online and it will be ready when you arrive! You can also visit our Prospect, Kentucky, self storage location in person and meet the on-site manager. Until then, we hope the information we’ve provided today has proved valuable and given you the insight you need to decide whether Prospect, Kentucky, should be your new home!