What Is It Like Living in Rosamond, California?

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If Rosamond is on your list of possible cities to move to, you’re likely searching for information about the town to help you make a final decision. The information below will be beneficial in making an informed choice! It’s a look at what it’s like living in Rosamond, California, including all of the exciting things to do, the job market, and more, brought to you by the storage experts at SecurCare Self Storage. Continue reading to discover what it’s like living in Rosamond and get the data you need to make a decision!

Living in Rosamond is Quiet and Inviting

You’ll be excited to know that Rosamond offers an exciting blend of suburban and rural lifestyles and the serene beauty of the Mojave Desert. With a diverse population and a wide range of amenities and activities, Rosamond is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

The Weather in Rosamond is Hot and Sunny

Living in Rosamond, CA, will be a dream come true if you’re a sun worshipper. The town sees over 280 days a year of sunshine, receives minimal rainfall, and is dry and subtropical. In summer, it can be sweltering but rarely humid, and in winter, it can be cold but rarely freezing.

The best part about the weather in Rosemond is that it empowers you to enjoy the outdoors and live your life outside if you choose to. One drawback is that the town sees very little rain, making keeping a nice lawn or backyard garden challenging.

Rosamond is a More affordable California Town

It would be a stretch to call Rosamond “affordable” but the truth is that it’s not expensive, at least compared to the rest of California. The overall cost of living index in Rosemont is 99.8/100, which is perfectly average. However, several cost indices, including utilities, transportation, and miscellaneous costs, are higher than the national average.

The housing index in Rosemont is 113/100, which again is very affordable compared to the rest of California at 234/100, more than double the US average. You’ll be glad to know that healthcare has a cost index of 93/100, making it the lowest cost index in Rosamond.

Some of the Best Schools in California

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Although Rosemond isn’t rated as the highest school system in California, it still gets a good grade from Niche. Rosamond High School, for example, gets a B, as does Mojave Junior/Senior High School. One good suggestion is to do your due diligence when moving to Rosemont so that you choose a neighborhood connected to one of the better schools in the area.

There are Many Fun and Interesting Things to Do in Rosamond

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While Rosamond is an admittedly small town, you’ll be surprised at the variety of fun and exciting things to do here. We’ve listed some of the best for you below!

  • Rosamond Park – Located near the local elementary school, Rosamond Park features two baseball diamonds, ample space for picnicking, and a playground for small children.
  • Willow Springs International Raceway – This raceway is known for its adrenaline-pumping road racing circuit and is often used as a filming location.
  • Diamond Jim’s Casino – A card room where you can enjoy games like Texas Hold’ Em, Pai Gow, and Black Jack. It’s also open 24/7.
  • Rattlesnake Canyon – A popular spot for outdoor shooting practice, Rattlesnake Canyon offers a wide-open desert space for target practice. It’s also a favorite spot for ATV riders.
  • Air Force Flight Test Museum – Located near Edwards Air Force Base, this museum celebrates the history of aerospace advancements, including aircraft that broke the sound barrier and early space flights.
  • Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve State Natural Reserve – Covered in colorful blooms during the wildflower season (February to May), the reserve is renowned for its orange poppies and offers 8 miles of hiking trails for exploring.

Rosamond is Close to Los Angeles

With just under 21,000 residents, Rosamond is most definitely a small American town. That’s good for things like low crime, high community spirit, and so forth, which are all excellent in Rosemond. However, there are far fewer cultural activities and events here than in a city like Los Angeles.

The good news is that Los Angeles is only 84 miles away, about 1 hour and 35 minutes in the typical heavy traffic the city sees. That’s good news for folks who want to, for example, visit museums, enjoy art galleries, have a meal at a fancy restaurant, or do some world class shopping, all of which are available in the City of Angels.

The Beautiful Mojave Desert

Desert during the sunset

Living in Rosamond, CA, means enjoying the beauty of the Mojave Desert and all of the hiking, exploring, and birdwatching it offers. Indeed, the beauty of the Mojave Desert might be one of the best reasons to move to Rosamond, especially if you’re a nature lover.

Edwards Air Force Base

One of the biggest employers in Rosamond is Edwards Air Force Base. The influence of the base is seen everywhere in Rosemont, and you’ll find many of your new neighbors working for the military or as civilian contractors.

The Job Market in Rosamond is Stable and Growing

As previously mentioned, the job market in Rosamond is highly influenced by Edwards Air Force Base. Job growth in town has been positive over the last 12 months, and jobs have increased by 1.2%. Some of the best paying jobs in Rosemont (not in the military) are in the engineering sector.

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