How to Get Free Boxes: 4 Places to Check

Man taping moving box

Moving, storing or reorganizing? You’ll be surprised by the number of boxes you need—especially if you’re moving. Cut costs! Learn how to get free boxes from 4 sources:

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How to Store Clothing in a Storage Unit

When clothing in your closet starts to overflow, you may wonder how to store clothes in a storage unit. Here are some tips to keep your scarves and sweaters stowed safely.

Pack Hack: How to Fold a Shirt for Travel

Learn how to fold a shirt for travel so you can get rid of wrinkles and increase suitcase space. We have all of the shirt secrets for tidy trekkers, including how to fold button up shirts for travel.

How To Winterize an Inboard Boat

Once wakeboarding and waterskiing are wrapped up for the summer season, it’s time to prep your inboard boat for winter storage. Learn how to winterize inboard boats the best way with these steps.

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How to Promote Your Garage Sale

Ready to make your sale a success? Glance at some garage sale ad examples and learn the best place to advertise garage sales.

How to Sublet an Apartment

It can be tricky learning how to sublet an apartment. Technically speaking, a sublease is a contract that allows another person to rent and live in your apartment while it’s still under your name.

How to Store Your Mattress (and Box Spring)

How to store a mattress? Let us count the ways. Whether yours is memory foam, soft or adjustable, it can be hard to pick the best pack tactic. Beds are a big investment, which is probably why even the soundest sleepers feel stressed about storing their ma

How To Store Necklaces Without Tangling & Pack Jewelry for Moving

If you’re wondering how to pack necklaces for moving, vacation or otherwise, we have your pearls and pendants covered. Don’t let poor planning spoil your pristine pieces! These hacks will help your necklaces stay straight and tangle-free.