Top Tips and Advice for Moving to Fayetteville, North Carolina

Are you and your family moving to Fayetteville, NC? If so, you’ll be happy to know Fayetteville is an inviting, exciting city known as a beautiful place to live. It’s not the largest city, with around 212,000 residents, but Fayetteville isn’t small, either. It’s what urban planners call “densely urban,” which has plenty of upsides (and a few downsides). You’ll have plenty of close neighbors in Fayetteville, and new restaurants, bars, and eateries. 

The livability level of Fayetteville, based on crime, cost of living, and other factors, is above average. Still, Fayetteville, like many American cities, isn’t without its faults. If you’d like to know more about your new hometown before you arrive, SecurCare Self Storage has your back! Below you’ll find a list of top tips and advice for moving to Fayetteville, NC! It’s actionable info to help you with your upcoming (and life-changing) decisions about this fantastic North Carolina city.

You’ll Be able to Afford a Larger House in Fayetteville, NC

Moving to Fayetteville from further north, where housing prices can be off the charts? If yes, great news; the cost of living in Fayetteville is quite affordable. With an overall cost of living index of 81 / 100, Fayetteville is 20% lower than the American average. 

That’s the first part of the good news. The second part is that housing costs in Fayetteville are incredibly affordable. With a housing score of 45 / 100, we’re 55% lower than the national average! You’ll be able to afford a much bigger house for the same price, or less, than what you’re used to! For many American families, more house means less stress as everyone has enough “personal space.” One thing is sure; remarkably affordable housing makes moving to Fayetteville, NC, much more manageable.

Don’t Toss Away your Winter Clothes

Although further south than, for example, New York City or Boston, Fayetteville does get cold weather. From December through February, you can expect freezing temperatures at least half the time. November and March have a few freezing days, also. Snow? That’s one weather condition Fayetteville, North Carolina, hardly ever sees. In fact, there are no snow days on the calendar in Fayetteville. (Sorry, kids.) In other words, keep your winter clothes but sell or donate your snow shovels and snow blower before arriving. You won’t need them in Fayetteville, much to the delight of your back, hips, and knees.

Out of 75 Public Schools, Only 8 Get an A or A+

If you have children at home, enrolling them in a top school is essential no matter where you live. That goes for Fayetteville and every city or town in the United States. While Fayetteville does have several highly ranked public schools, only 8 out of 175 get As. That is a very low percentage, less than 5%.

What does that mean for you as a parent moving with your kids to Fayetteville, NC? Only that you should take your time searching for a new neighborhood to call home. Very few of them connect to a top-rated public school. Of course, many of Fayetteville’s other schools still provide quality education. Fayetteville gets a B for its public schools, which certainly isn’t terrible. Still, if a top-rated school is what you seek for your kids, choose your new neighborhood wisely.

Get Ready to Have a Good Time

Fayetteville is affordable and has exciting nightlife, high diversity, and great outdoor activities. The city lies on the Cape Fear River, providing wonderful water sports opportunities. From boating to fishing, crabbing, skiing, and more, there’s plenty to do on the water in Fayetteville. 

The city also has a wide variety of attractions that appeal to the entire family. Cape Fear Botanical Garden is breathtakingly beautiful, as is the Cape Fear River Trail. It’s 5.3 miles long and runs through verdant, lush forest. You can pick fresh blueberries at Carter Blueberry Farm. Also, the Fayetteville Rose Garden is a must-see in Spring!

Be Careful, Safe, and Aware in Fayetteville

Are you moving to Fayetteville from, say, northern New Jersey, New York City, Boston, or another big northern city? If you are, you know to be careful, vigilant, and watch your back. Big city life has drawbacks, and higher crime levels are one of them.

The unfortunate truth in Fayetteville is that our crime levels are higher than in many similar cities. While the US average for violent crime is 22.7, Fayetteville’s is 39.1, 50% higher. Property crime is even worse at nearly 70%. That’s double the US average of 35.4%, meaning most people will experience property crime here. 

The Top 15 Neighborhoods in Fayetteville, NC

We suggested searching long and hard for a new Fayetteville neighborhood to call home to ensure your kids are in a top-rated school district. To help you do that, below, we have a list of the Top 15 neighborhoods in the city. There are more, but, according to our sources, the following are the very best Fayetteville has to offer, including:

  1. Spring Lake
  2. Arran Hills
  3. Hope Mills
  4. Arran Lakes West
  5. Rockfish Twp.
  6. Raeford
  7. Westover
  8. Vandor
  9. Gray’s Creek
  10. Erwin
  11. Red Springs
  12. St. Paul’s
  13. Dunn
  14. Carvers Creek Township
  15. Cross Creek Township

Affordable, Exciting, and Inviting, Fayetteville, NC is a Good Place to Live

While not perfect, Fayetteville, North Carolina, does have a lot to offer. Good weather, decent schools, and a younger population make it an excellent place to live. A genuinely affordable housing cost index makes the city an even better choice. However, high crime levels can put a damper on all the fun. That aside, Fayetteville, NC, is a great place to raise a family.

At SecurCare Self Storage, we help new arrivals to Fayetteville almost daily. Many reserve a storage unit in Fayetteville, NC,  before they arrive. That way, it’s waiting for them when their movers get here to store their things safely. More importantly, those folks enjoy more time to search for their new Fayetteville neighborhood at their own pace. 

For answers to any questions you have about self-storage in Fayetteville, you have two choices. The first is to visit our Fayetteville, North Carolina, self-storage location page. You will see all of our 7 Fayetteville self-storage locations with the phone number for each location. You can visit the location nearest your new home if you like. Each one has a friendly onsite manager waiting to help you in any way they can! Whatever you choose, welcome to your new hometown, Fayetteville, NC!

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