4 Tips for Planning a Last-Minute Summer Getaway

The end of summer is fast-approaching. While you may think you don’t have time to plan a nice getaway, think again. With proper planning and a clear understanding of your budget, you can afford a little trip. Follow these four, easy tips for a fantastic summer vacation:

1. Decide on your budget

According to the Independent Traveler, a resource for those who like to tour the world, knowing exactly what you can spend on a vacation is crucial. Be honest when deciding what you can put toward a last-minute summer vacation. In addition, you may want to consider where you can cut corners to help grow your available funds. For example, instead of buying a hot beverage at the coffee shop every morning, make a cup of joe at home.

2. Pick a destination

U. S. News & World Report indicated one of the best ways to figure out an affordable summer destination is by comparing travel costs in different areas. Hit the internet and figure out what it would cost to fly to different places or how far of a drive it would be. This can help you figure out what will cost the least, while also ensuring you like the ultimate destination.

3. Know where to save and where to spend

While you most likely don’t want to watch your spending on vacation, if it’s a last-minute trip, you will need to. However, it doesn’t need to be torture. Just make sure you spend and save where it counts. Consider buying some groceries and eating homemade sandwiches for a few meals, or pack a picnic and enjoy a more affordable meal in a unique way. Another effective way to cut costs is look for free entertainment. Parades and festivals can be a fun activity everyone is sure to enjoy without costing a great deal.

4. Keep your items safe back home

Planning a last minute vacation may mean you can’t find a house sitter to make sure your belongings are safe. Consider renting a storage unit from a local storage facility while you’re away to keep your items safe and secure. Head to a SecurCare Self Storage facility today and speak with a professional about rates and availability during your last-minute vacation this summer.