How to Have a Dog in an Apartment

Living in an apartment with a dog can initially seem like it is difficult for your pet. However, by properly creating a home for your four-legged friend, you can ensure it’s happy and comfortable in your home. Follow these tips for how to have a dog in an apartment.

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Check Your Apartment Lease for Dog Restrictions

Before adopting any puppy or adult dog, check the lease on your apartment. Some apartments will charge you a monthly fee to have a dog. Others will charge a 1-time safety deposit in case your fur baby causes any damage. Knowing the rules of your particular apartment is vital info. For example, they might not allow certain breeds at all and charge you a fine if you adopt one.

Try Activities for Your Apartment-Bound Dog

There are, to be sure, many different types of dogs and dog breeds in the world. While all dogs have specific characteristics, all of them are different in terms of their activity levels. They also enjoy different and varied activities. Knowing their fave activity is a big plus when having a dog in an apartment.

For example, smaller dogs (aka toy dogs) have a lot of energy but don’t need a lot of exercises to stay fit. Playing a game of fetch indoors with them is a great activity. Larger dogs, however, need more walking, running, and playing to work off the energy their large bodies create. Running with a larger dog at your side is the perfect way to give them exercise. Teaching them how to catch a frisbee? If you’re talking about how to have a dog in an apartment, that might not be possible. Of course, the local dog park is an excellent solution to this problem.

How to Have a Dog in an Apartment

Which Dog Breeds Need Exercise in an Apartment?

Different dog breeds need varying amounts of exercise. Typically, smaller dogs need less exercise, and larger dogs need more. Below is a list of dogs by general type and the amount of exercise their particular type needs, including:

  • Toy dogs: Tiny dogs like Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and others need less exercise than larger dogs.
  • Working dogs. Working dogs like police dogs and seeing-eye dogs are incredibly intelligent. Typically, they need the most exercise, both physically and mentally.
  • Non-sporting dogs: Medium-sized dogs like Boston Terriers and French bulldogs need moderate exercise and activity to stay healthy.
  • Hounds: This type of dog has heightened sight and smell senses and incredibly high levels of energy. They need a tremendous amount of exercise to stay fit and happy.
  • Sporting dogsL Dogs like pointers, setters, spaniels, and retrievers are also very intelligent, active, and full of energy. They need a lot of exercise and activity regularly to live their best life.
How to Have a Dog in an Apartment

Take Advantage of Dog Activity Apps

As the saying goes, “there’s an app for that.” When it comes to how to have a dog in an apartment, dog activity apps rule. You can use them for training, to find doggy friends, and track their activity. There are also apps for tracking your furry friend’s medical records and adopting dogs, too! Some of the best dog activity apps are below:

  • WeRescue– An excellent dog adoption app.
  • GoodPup– Excellent for training your dog.
  • Puppr– Another top app for dog training.
  • Pup to Date– An app to keep track of all your dog’s needs.
  • Rover– A fantastic app to find dog walkers and pet sitters.
  • BringFido– The best app to find local dog parks and trails.

Purchase a Doggy Cam to Check Your Pup

Dog cams are a great way to check on your dog when you’re not in your apartment. You can see what they’re doing and ensure they’re alright all day. Some dog cams also let you talk to your pup, give them food and turn on the TV!

How to Have a Dog in an Apartment

Store Your Extra Dog Stuff and Furniture with Us

Dogs need all sorts of stuff, it’s true. Security gates, training crates, travel crates, doggy beds, and a bunch more are usually necessary. Of course, some won’t be necessary once your puppy is an adult dog. For those things, we recommend a clean, safe storage unit at SecurCare Self Storage.

Our storage units are perfect for all your dog-related items. Some folks rent them to stash their dog-related business stuff, especially groomers and retail stores. It’s easy, convenient and affordable, and frees up a lot of space at home. When it comes to how to have a dog in an apartment, a storage unit can be a blessing.

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This post was originally published on 8/7/2015. It was updated on 1/3/2022.