How to Host a Wedding at Home | Backyard Themes & Budget

A wedding serves as not only the union of two individuals but also as a reunion for a number of friends and family. Hosting a special day in your home and backyard may be a sentimental, simple, and economical option, but it can be a pain to get started. That’s why we put together these tips on how to host a wedding at home. Scroll to the end for some backyard wedding theme ideas!

Evaluate the Size of Your Home

You want to have enough space for your guests to comfortably meander around and talk with others. In addition, ensure that you have plenty of functioning bathrooms to accommodate everyone you invited for this special day. You will also need to designate an area where you can comfortably host the ceremony as well as the reception. According to Better Homes and Gardens, your furniture may pose a bit of a problem.

How to Host a Wedding at Home | Backyard Themes & Budget
WEDDING TIP: If you want to make the rooms in your home more compatible with the needs of your guests, consider renting a unit from a storage facility to keep your larger furniture safely out of the way during the event. 

Landscaping for Hosting a Wedding at Home

A backyard wedding requires a beautiful backyard. The Knot recommends planting early to ensure that your flowers, bushes, and any other greenery have enough time to fill out. Speak with a professional landscape artist to optimize your backyard’s potential. In addition, you may want to think about the condition of the grass in your yard. If you have a few bald or thinning patches, take the time and energy to care for these areas. If necessary, lay sod to keep your lawn thick, full and beautiful for the special day.

How to Host a Wedding at Home | Backyard Themes & Budget

Host a Budget-Friendly Wedding at Home

A wedding can be fun, exciting, beautiful, and a wonderful experience for everyone involved. Unfortunately, weddings can also be costly, even at home. Many folks have a strict wedding budget, which means saving money wherever possible when planning their big day. (Do you need to invite your 2nd cousins, thrice removed?) Below are several of our best tips for sticking to a wedding budget. If you’re wondering how to host a wedding at home on a budget, the following information will be perfect:

  • Limiting your guest list. Nothing balloons a wedding budget more than a huge guest list. It’s not always easy, but fewer people means lower costs on things like food, seating, wedding favors, and alcohol.  
  • Have a Limited Open Bar. Allow guests to drink for free for 2 hours, for example. (You can choose the exact amount of time you like.) 
  • Have a stand-up meal rather than a sit-down meal. Food is one of the most significant expenses at a wedding. A complete, sit-down meal can add a substantial amount to your wedding day bill. Instead, serve your guests hors d’oeuvres and finger food along with generous liquid libations. (You’ll even save money on renting chairs.)
  • Go easy on the flowers. Yes, they’re lovely, but flowers can also be expensive. Purchase enough flowers to decorate without going crazy to keep your costs down. For example, place small arrangements on every table and more extensive arrangements only on the bride and groom’s table.
  • DIY the Decorations. Several stores sell all the decorations you could want. Use them to decorate your wedding yourself, and you’ll save big. (You can turn the decorating into a pre-wedding party!)
  • Have someone in the family play for your reception. If anyone in your family is musically inclined, ask them to play for your wedding. You can also request a family member or friend to be your DJ. Use your cell phone, a portable speaker, and Spotify to save even more money!
How to Host a Wedding at Home | Backyard Themes & Budget

Host a Home Wedding Lawn Decoration Tips

One fun task you’ll need to get done if you’re hosting a wedding at home is decorating your lawn. A well-decorated yard is a sign there’s a party going on and puts attendees in the mood for fun! If it’s in your budget, decorating your property will make your big day more enjoyable for everyone you invite! Below are a few techniques for decorating a lawn quickly, easily, and on a tight budget:

  • Use the trees and shrubs as part of the decorations. For example, if there’s a majestic oak in the front yard, you can use its branches. Hanging flower arrangements from it and decorating it with beautiful linens would look fantastic.
  • Use oversize lawn decorations to let folks know there’s a wedding inside! There are many different kinds available in various fun colors and designs. If you purchase several other lawn decorations, you could easily and quickly decorate a large front lawn.
  • Hang lots of beautiful, glowing lights. Hanging lights look simply amazing at night and add ambiance to any backyard wedding. While you’re at it, you could also use lots of candles after dark for a beautiful wedding glow.
  • Use clear acrylic chairs at the ceremony. They’re crystal clear, which adds romance to the nuptials as it’s so stunningly different. (They might be a bit pricey, though, if you’re on a budget.)
  • Don’t forget space for a dance floor. Most folks come to a wedding expecting to dance and have fun. Make sure you give them that chance with a decently sized dance floor.
How to Host a Wedding at Home | Backyard Themes & Budget

How to Choose a Backyard Wedding Theme

Choose a backyard wedding theme and stick with it. Sometimes the most straightforward theme is the most beautiful, and it can often save you a bundle of money. Even better, skip the backyard wedding theme altogether and just freestyle it! (After all, it’s your wedding!) Here are a few of our favorite options.

#1: Rustic Country Backyard Wedding Theme

Planning a rustic wedding is easy when you have a backyard in the countryside. Think of a barn for your venue, burlap table runners, and maybe even hay bales with blankets for seating! Talk about cute and inexpensive. You could even save money on food with bbq or having homemade pies & cakes. When it comes to decoration, “rustic” themes tend to be fairly simple! Try inexpensive wildflowers, mason jars, and twine accents to match your burlap table runners.

#2: Bohemian Bride Wedding Theme

If you’re wondering how to host a wedding at home on a budget – a bohemian theme is an excellent choice. Bohemian-themed weddings are a great way to utilize what you already have and what you can likely find or borrow. Bohemian brides have a unique, relaxed, and whimsical feel. Seek out old antiques like teacups, vases, and gold frames. For the flowers, pick something out of the norm! Think succulents or daisies. Provide interesting appetizers and finger foods or choose an unlikely contender like tacos. We also love tea lights, wine bottles for centerpieces, beige tapestries, and lanterns.

#3: Holiday-Themed Backyard Wedding

Holidays come pre-decorated, and it’s pretty easy to find those items on clearance! If you’re going for a Christmas theme, ask your friends or family to donate some tinsel and festive lighting. Not to mention, getting poinsettias at your local grocery store is way more cost-effective than using a florist. For a Halloween theme, you might use gords and artificial black roses (which you can find at your local Halloween store). You can decorate the aisle with pumpkins spray painted black or dark maroon. For cocktail hour, you might pass out candy!

How to Host a Wedding at Home | Backyard Themes & Budget

Ready for Your Dream Backyard Wedding?

We hope our suggestions helped you kick start your happily ever after. Head over to your local SecurCare Self Storage facility and speak with a professional about renting a storage unit to optimize space for a wedding at home. Until then, happy planning!

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This post was published on 4/6/2015. It was updated on 12/16/2021.