Fall Landscaping Ideas | Plants, Gardens & Decorations

Even though the long, languid days of summer might seem like a distant memory, there’s still plenty of yard work left to finish before winter hits us with a vengeance. Keep these tips in mind when you start on your fall landscaping ideas:

Fall Landscaping Tip: Think About Curb Appeal

Although winter might dump a few feet of snow over your home and yard, it’s still important to keep your property’s curb appeal in mind. HGTV recommended focusing on your front door in particular, whether that be by adding a wreath decked out in fall flowers and foliage or giving it a fresh coat of paint or even both. This ensures the entrance stands out while the vibrancy of your trees, grass, and plants begins to dim.

Fall Landscaping Ideas: PSL-Inspired Garden

One of the things many folks adore about PSL is the color. Autumn colors are, in a word, spectacular. The cream, caramel, and apple-cider-colored leaves and plants are a favorite part of PSL season! To get the most out of this colorful time of year, plant a PSL-inspired garden ahead of time. Below are a few beautiful plants, that bloom in late summer to early fall;

  • Nasturtium, which has gorgeous blooms in a variety of PSL-inspired colors.
  • Heuchera villosa (coral bells). The leaves of this incredible plant come in a wide variety of PSL hues.
  • Dahlia, a spectacular-looking fall plant. Nicknamed “El Sol” (The Sun), it looks like a sun bursting with color.
  • Caramel carnations. Not only do carnations look amazing, but they also add some spicy scent to your PSLinispired garden.
  • Nutmeg geranium. Heavily scented, the flowers on this beautiful plant look like frothy milk! For even more amazing aromas, plant the ginger-scented geranium as well!
  • Clove currant. This shrub is a must-have for your PSL garden getaway with beautiful golden flowers and delicious berries. 
Fall Landscaping Ideas | Plants, Gardens & Decorations

The Best Plant Ideas for Fall Landscaping

PSL season is all about aromas and colors, and there are few things more colorful and aromatic than plants. Below are some of the most colorful plants for fall that will fit perfectly into your PSL plans, including:

  • Chrysanthemum flowers come in a wide range of fabulous colors.
  • Helenium has the trifecta of PSL colors, orange, yellow and red!
  • Red Maple trees, known as October Glory, are simply gorgeous in the south. (Plant them in September with plans to watch them grow into magnificent trees over several years!)
  • Aster comes in a beautiful assortment of purple, blue, and pink colors. Use them to add a splash of color to your PSL-inspired arrangements.
  • Dogwood trees are the first to show color in Autumn, making them perfect for PSL fanatics. Plus, they attract a wide variety of beautiful birds.
Fall Landscaping Ideas | Plants, Gardens & Decorations

Fall Landscaping Ideas: Pumpkins Everywhere

If you’re a colossal PSL fan, pumpkins are your decoration item of choice come Fall. The great thing about pumpkins is they’re so versatile. For example, you can use small pumpkins on the table as a centerpiece. You can arrange much bigger pumpkins beautifully on the front steps. You can use them to line a path, as accents on outdoor furniture, and so much more!

One excellent idea with pumpkins and gourds is to spraypaint them top to bottom with shellac. The shellac creates a barrier that keeps out oxygen after it dries, so your pumpkins look fantastic for weeks! (We’ve seen them last until Christmas!) The shiny coating also brings out the natural color of the pumpkins, which can be gorgeous. Remember to clean off the pumpkin before spraying it with the shellac. That way, dirt won’t get stuck under the paint.

Fall Landscaping Ideas | Plants, Gardens & Decorations

More Decorations for a PSL-Inspired Yard

There are, to be sure, plenty of things you can do to decorate your home during PSL season. Using pumpkins is one of the easiest, of course, as pumpkins are durable, colorful, and easy to color, too. Placing them all over your home as table centerpieces, next to the fireplace, and so forth works excellent. A few other beautiful fall landscaping ideas for PSL people include:

  • A cornucopia (natural horn basket) filled with small pumpkins, gourds, dried flowers, and corn stalks is always a hit! 
  • String a line from two hooks and use clothespins to hang leaves, pictures, and dried flowers on the wall. Let them make some PSL-inspired decorations to hang if you have kids. 
  • Tilt a wheelbarrow on its side in the yard. Then, surround it with hay bales and large pumpkins. Finally, fill the inside with smaller pumpkins and fresh flowers. If you’re inspired, make a scarecrow out of old clothes to sit on top (drinking a PSL, of course!).
  • Get this delightful art print to hang on your wall featuring your two fave fall flavors.

Use Storage Units for Fall Landscaping Ideas

As you can see, there’s a lot of work and effort that goes into maintaining your yard throughout the autumn months. You’ll need your share of equipment, tools, and other materials to help keep everything clean, orderly, and ready for the winter. 

But, you can’t leave these items out in the yard, and storing them in your garage can make things cluttered and disorganized. Once you finish all your fall landscaping, you can use a self storage unit to safely keep all equipment out of the way, such as:

  • Leaf blowers.
  • Rakes.
  • Pool maintenance items.
  • Gardening utensils.
  • Hoses.
  • Sprinklers.
  • Outdoor furniture.
  • Lawnmowers.

Using a self storage unit opens up space in your garage and keeps the harsh winter weather from doing any damage to your fall landscaping equipment. 

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This post was published on 10/15/2017. It was updated on 12/16/2021.