Airbnb Host Tips & Getting Started FAQs

Airbnb is an excellent way to make extra money while providing a unique experience for travelers. However, there’s a lot to know about Airbnb’s regulations and recommendations for being a successful host. Read these Airbnb host tips and frequently asked questions to get started.

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How to Start an Airbnb Business

First up in our list of Airbnb host tips is on getting started. Getting started with Airbnb is free and easy! It’s free to sign up and list your house or apartment. Simply download the app or sign up on their website. When deciding whether to become a host, it’s important to understand how the housing laws work in your area. These laws are usually part of a city’s zoning codes. In most cities, you must register, get a permit, or obtain a license before you list your property or and start accepting guests. Here’s a couple examples of popular cities laws:

Airbnb Dallas Laws

Most major cities in the state of Texas have very few laws about short-term rentals, one of which is Dallas. You’re allowed to list your place on Airbnb as long as you register it with the city of Dallas. Short-term rental properties are actually “hotels” in Dallas and are subject to the city’s Hotel Occupancy Tax.

Airbnb Flagstaff Laws

Arizona allows short-term rentals since 2017, so many cities are still adjusting to the change. Flagstaff’s regulations are a little stricter than other places. You must apply for a transaction privilege tax license. State law also requires owners of short-term rentals to provide the city with an emergency contact.

Airbnb Host Tips

Can I Airbnb My Apartment?

Next on our list of Airbnb host tips is for renting your apartment. If you’re renting your apartment in a city that allows short-term rentals, make sure to check your lease. Your lease contains pages of information about the dos and don’ts of using your apartment. Look for the subletting section—this is where you’ll find specifics about renting your space. Your landlord or apartment management team should serve as the final layer of approval.

How to Stay in Good Standing with Airbnb

Once you’ve made an airbnb account and registered with your city, you’re set! Make sure to stay in good standing with Airbnb by following their four requirements:

  • Respond to guests within 24 hours.
  • Continually accept trip requests.
  • Try not to cancel on your guests.
  • Maintain a high rating.

How Much Does Airbnb Charge Hosts?

Airbnb charges a flat rate of 3% of the booking subtotal. Your final payout breaks down like this: Your nightly rate + your extra charges (a cleaning fee or extra guest fee, etc.) – Airbnb’s Host Service Fee = your payout. One thing to note when you’re deciding your listing price is that your guests pay a  14% service fee to Airbnb in addition to the cost of your listing. That means your guest’s price will be higher than your payment.

Airbnb Host Tips for a Successful Listing

Airbnb Host Tips

Not all airbnb listings were created equal. Some listings flop because the host doesn’t put the extra effort to make their place marketable. To be a successful host on airbnb, follow these 3 tips.

Airbnb Host Tip #1: Keep Your Rental Clean

This goes without saying, but people like sleeping in clean rooms. Some hosts choose to charge a cleaning fee so that they can hire a house cleaner after the stay. Another tip is to keep your furniture clean. Keep your decor like new by storing it in a storage unit during the off-season.

Airbnb Host Tip #2: Give a Detailed Description

Listings with a detailed description tend to do much better in the Airbnb althogrim. Plus, helps your guests know what to expect! If your guests are suprisied by something they didn’t know about your place, they’ll most likely leave a bad review. Avoid that by providing a clear and accurate description on your listing.

Airbnb Host Tip #3: Have Modern Amenities

Ever stayed at a hotel that leaves chocolates on the pillows? It’s an added bonus and makes people want to stay at that hotel again. Go the extra mile like that for your lisiting! Guests tend to leave positive reviews when listings have plenty of ammentities. Try a Netflix subscription or a Keurig machine for that extra boost!

Store Your Extra Furniture With Us

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Originally published on 8/29/2019. Updated on 11/24/2021.

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