Craft Room Organization Ideas

Now that Pinterest has shown you all the ways you can reuse mason jars and second-hand furniture, you may be ready to dive into the world of crafting. If that sounds like you, here are some fun and interesting craft room organization ideas.

Let’s Get Crafty (and Organized)

Crafting is about creating something beautiful from a random assortment of materials, baubles, and bangles. If you want your creativity to flow, the craft room organization ideas below will be a big help. Some are low-cost and inexpensive, while others might cost a few bucks. All of them will turn a standard craft room into a space where your creativity can run wild.

Craft Room Organization Idea #1: Clear Glass Jars

Whether a collection of empty pickle jars or purchased in bulk, clear glass jars are a crafter’s best friend. Clear glass jars are durable, attractive, and affordable, the trifecta of craft room organization tools. More importantly, you can see exactly what’s inside them, to make finding a particular crafting item faster. Clear glass jas can also add some much-needed color to your craft room from the items stored inside. In short, they’re a must-have any for any crafting enthusiast.

TIP- Attach the lids from matching glass jars under a shelf or anywhere there’s space and access. (Screwing them in gently but firmly is best.) Then, fill up the matching jar, screw it on, and voila! Your craft supplies are hanging safely and easy to grab and use!

Craft Room Organization Ideas

Craft Room Organization Idea #2: Make Your Pegboard Pop!

We’ve talked about pegboards already as they’re a fantastic craft room organization tool. The thing is, pegboards are usually brown, a color that doesn’t exactly inspire creativity. (Yawn!) Panting it in a wild color would work perfectly to make your pegboard pop. You could also paint it in multiple colors and then color-code what you hang on it. The results would add a unique and fun splash of color to any craft room.

Craft Room Organization Idea #3: Use Your Closet

Most craft rooms have a hidden treasure of valuable extra space; a closet. If your craft room is lucky enough to have a closet, taking full advantage of it is a must. A standard 3×3 bedroom closet holds 72 cubic feet of extra craft storage space! Below are a few craft room organization ideas to make your closet a valuable space for your hobby.

  1. Take off the door to the closet. Taking it off will make the closet feel more like part of your craft room.
  2. Paint the inside of the closet to make it brighter or match your craft room’s colors. You can also decorate with craft items or let your creativity go wild. (Remember, you can always close the door.) 
  3. If there isn’t one, install a light inside the closet to make it easier to find crafting items.
  4. Put an old dresser inside the closet and use the drawers for storing supplies. You can paint it to match your existing decor or to match the items you’ll keep inside. Put labels on the drawers or decorate them to add some whimsy.
  5. Take out the clothes rod and replace it with racks and shelves. Try to use the back, left, and right sides of the closet for maximum extra shelf space.
  6. Don’t forget the back of the closet door! You can easily hang a variety of shelf racks there to hold all sorts of craft supplies!
Craft Room Organization Ideas

Craft Room Organization Idea #4: Use Vertical Space Wisely

If crafting is your passion and you live in a home with high ceilings, using that space wisely is essential. That’s especially true if there are already cabinets installed, which add a considerable amount of extra storage space. Even without them, you could install (or have installed) cabinets or shelves up high. The extra room can be a godsend if you have a considerable amount of crafting supplies.

Of course, to access all of that stuff, you’ll need a footstool at least and possibly a step ladder. Setting one up and using it should be done with obvious care. There are also moving ladder systems, but, frankly, they can be rather expensive. Whatever you choose, use that extra space but always do it with caution.

Craft Room Organization Idea #5: Use a Storage Unit

If you don’t have the luxury of a home craft shop, a storage unit from SecurCare is a fantastic option. You can organize it the way you like, and you’ll have the space all to yourself if you like. (No nosy kids or spouses constantly interrupting!) Our storage units are safe, clean and have 24/7 video security, plus an onsite manager. In other words, all your precious crafting supplies will be safe and sound with SecurCare.

Get Organized & Stay That Way

Sure, anyone can set up a cool organizational system, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t use it. Label bins and containers so you always know what goes where, and don’t let yourself leave your craft room until everything is sorted away in the proper place. Remember: It’s much easier to maintain an organizational system than start one from scratch every time everything gets too cluttered. If you need more room for your crafts after you organize, contact SecurCare Self Storage today!

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This post was published on 10/9/2014. It was updated on 1/17/2021.