What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

You already know that storage units, such as those found at SecurCare Self Storage, are a great way to keep your belongings safe, whether that’s for a few months or several years. However, when you’re picking out your storage unit, how do you know what size you need? At SecurCare, you can always speak to one of the helpful onsite managers to find the right size storage unit for you, but here is a handy guide to help you narrow your choices:

What Can You Fit in a 5X5 Storage Unit?

A 5X5 storage unit is a perfect size for many folks to fit their small amount of stuff. For example, when your child moves out, you can store everything from their bedroom. That way, you can create a home office, hobby room, or TV room. Older folks who want to give things to their grandchildren one day often rent 5X5 storage units. It’s easy and safe and helps them keep everything organized well. 

Keep in mind that the typical storage unit is 8 feet high (and sometimes higher). That gives you plenty of room to stack things high and fit more stuff in your storage unit. Of course, you’ll want to stack carefully, placing heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. By doing that, you should be able to fit an entire (small) bedroom into a 5X5 storage unit. (One caveat, though; the bed will need to be a single bed.)

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

What Can You Fit in a 5X10?

A 5X10 storage unit doubles the space you get, which can be handy if you’re storing oversized items. For example, you can easily fit a queen-size bed in a 5X10 storage unit. Around it, you can then store two large dressers, a vanity, a chair, and a couple of night tables. You could also squeeze in about a dozen medium-sized boxes if you stack things well.

Some folks rent a 5X10 storage unit to store larger sports equipment, too. Kayaks, canoes, and ATVs will easily fit, as well as motorcycles. Bicycles for a family of 5 could fit in a 5X10 storage unit along with all their camping gear. You could also fit a tear-drop camper!

What Can You Fit in a 10X10?

When you move up to a 10X10 sized storage unit, you’re getting a lot more storage space. A 1-bedroom apartment full of stuff should fit into a 10X10 storage unit, as long as everything is well stacked. If you own a retail store, you can fit a metric ton of supplies, overstock, and displays inside too. 

Remember, it’s 10X10X8, so you’ll have 800 cubic feet of space to fill as you see fit. That’s enough space for a full-size fridge, freezer, washer, dryer, mini-fridge, and a small wine fridge, too! Plus, you could fit another dozen boxes inside along with all that stuff if you stack it well.

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

What Can You Fit in a 10X15?

We’ve seen folks store small cars in a 10X15 sized storage unit, including a Nissan Cube and Chevy Spark. You can easily fit the contents of a small home (2 bedrooms) inside or an entire bicycle store’s worth of bicycles. Some lawn maintenance companies store their equipment trailer in a 10X15 storage unit to keep everything dry and safe. With 1200 cubic feet of space to play with, you’ll have room for about 350 medium-sized boxes! (A medium box is typically 3 cubic feet. You don’t want to stack them up to the ceiling, though, as that could be risky.)

What Can You Fit in a 10X20?

Do you have a larger car or boat you want to store along with some furniture and household goods? If yes, a 10X20 storage unit is the best choice. You’ll be able to store your car or boat on one side and, on the other, all your stuff stacked high. (Remember to leave room to get out of your vehicle when you’re done!)

A 15-foot boat will fit in a 10X20 sized storage unit, as long as the trailer’s tongue isn’t too long. You’ll have plenty of extra space for all your boating gear, also. Some people purchase racks and shelves and organize their 10X20 storage unit just the way they like it. That way, when they need something for their fishing trip or day on the lake, it’s easy to find.

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

What Can You Fit in a 10X30 Storage Unit?

The entire contents of a 4-bedroom, 3-bath home can fit into a 10X30 storage unit! It’s big enough for the biggest cars, too, as well as some campers and RVs. ATV’s? You could fit 20 or more of them inside or a 20-foot boat and trailer. You could even fit two cars in a 10X30 storage unit, although they’d need to be relatively small. A monster truck would feel right at home in our largest storage unit, no problem. In short, it’s a lot of space that will fit a lot of stuff!

Now You Know What Size Storage Unit You Need!

While this guide should help you narrow your options, talk to a professional at SecurCare Self Storage to find your perfect unit today! A storage unit from SecurCare is a fantastic option no matter what size you need. Our storage units are safe, clean and have 24/7 video security, plus an onsite manager. Call us today, and start storing tomorrow!

This post was originally published on 5/1/2014. It was updated on 1/17/2022.