Helpful Tips & Advice for Moving to Bakersfield, California

Moving to Bakersfield, California, in the next few weeks or months? If yes, consider yourself lucky! Bakersfield ranks as one of the best places to live in the United States. The quality of life is marvelous, the city has a thriving job market, and for California, housing prices are reasonable. In fact, Bakersfield is one of the most affordable cities in Cali right now.

To assist with your move to Bakersfield, we’ve got some great info below. It consists of helpful tips and advice for moving to this beautiful part of the Golden State! For example, the best neighborhoods in Bakersfield, CA, plus the cost of living, weather, schools, and more. It’s the actionable data you’ll be glad to have before moving, as it will make some decisions easier. Read on to discover more about the great city you’re about to call home, Bakersfield, CA!

Bakersfield, CA, is one of California’s Most Affordable Cities

Similar to several California cities, Bakersfield has its share of problems. (We’ll look at some of those in just a bit.) However, when it comes to affordability, Bakersfield is one of the best cities in the state. The American cost of living average is 100. Overall, California’s average cost of living index is 150 / 100,  a full 50% higher! Bakersfield’s overall cost of living is 103 / 100, only a mere three percentage points over the national average. In other words, nearly 50% less than the California average cost of living. The reasonable cost of living is one of the best reasons to move to Bakersfield, California. 

Both Summer and Winter in Bakersfield are Comfortable

One drawback of many American cities is that you only have comfortable weather throughout the year. In Houston, Texas, for example, summer is sweltering hot while winter is relatively comfortable. Bakersfield is comfortable throughout the year. The summer comfort index is 7.3 / 10. The winter comfort index? It’s 7.6 / 10, making both seasons quite cozy. Bakersfield gets about 270 days of sun per year which is also excellent. (The US average is about 205 sunny days annually.)

You Can Toss your Snow Shovel when you Move to Bakersfield, CA 

We mentioned that the comfort index in Bakersfield is 7.6 / 10 in the winter. That’s because the temperature rarely drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the city rarely (if ever) freezes. Snow days? There are zero of those in Bakersfield throughout the winter. For some, that might mean a lack of fun building snowmen and throwing snowballs. For most, however, no snow means no shoveling, no back problems, and no ice storms either. In other words, winter in Bakersfield is a dream compared to many Northern cities.

Bakersfield has a Growing Homeless and Drug Problem

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Bakersfield and its growing homeless problem. Unfortunately, the city is a “dumping ground” for folks down on their luck. Many people end up on the street in Bakersfield due to mental illness, drug problems, or a combination of both. That, in turn, causes issues with crime & safety, which, unfortunately, is a definite concern. Our advice? Take your time searching for a new Bakersfield neighborhood. Some are, as you might imagine, better than others. (We would also urge anyone living in Bakersfield to be part of the homeless cure by volunteering. Soup kitchens, outreach centers, shelters,  and so forth are always looking for volunteers.)

Although a Big City, Bakersfield has a Suburban Feel

Bakersfield is one of California’s biggest cities, with nearly four hundred thousand inhabitants. That said, the vibe and feel of the city are more suburban than you might think. Most neighborhoods are quiet and laid-back, with plenty of green spaces to enjoy

Be Sure to Choose a Neighborhood Wisely if you Have Kids

If you have school-age children, we suggest taking your time choosing a Bakersfield neighborhood. The reason why is simple; you want to find one with connections to a good school district. Overall, Bakersfield doesn’t get bad marks for its public schools. (The city receives a B- overall.) Some neighborhoods are better than others regarding the public school system. For example, out of the 137 public schools in Bakersfield, less than 15 are an A- or better. That, unfortunately, is a very small percentage of the overall schools available.

Tip: Many new arrivals store their things with SecurCare, to have more time to search for a new home. You can reserve a storage unit in Bakersfield, CA, before you arrive if you like. There’s no deposit necessary and no credit card needed.

There are plenty of (Good) Jobs in Bakersfield, CA

Coming to Bakersfield in need of a job? If yes, good news; there’s been a 10.6% increase in job opportunities over the last decade. Even better is that experts predict the trend will continue through the 2020s. By the way, Amazon has its HQ here in Bakersfield.

The Top 10 Neighborhoods in Bakersfield, CA 

To help you find a fantastic new neighborhood in Bakersfield, we’ve listed the top 10 below. Just FYI, there are 333 neighborhoods in Bakersfield. In other words, our top 10 is helpful but certainly isn’t the end-all and be-all to Bakersfield neighborhoods.

  1. Stockdale Estates
  2. Tevis Ranch
  3. CSU Bakersfield
  4. Artisan
  5. Southern Oaks
  6. Terra Vista
  7. The Oaks
  8. Stone Meadows
  9. Haggin Oaks
  10. Amberton

Bakersfield Has a Lot to Offer (and a Few Drawbacks) 

Depending on the neighborhood you choose, life in Bakersfield, CA, can be wonderful. It’s essential you choose well because some parts of the city are definitely in need of help. High crime and homeless rates plague much of California and Bakersfield is no exception.

At SecurCare, we suggest reserving a storage unit in Bakersfield, CA, before arriving. The reason is that, when you do, it will be ready when your movers arrive. With your things safely stored, one upside is that you’ll have more time to search for your new home in Bakersfield.

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You can then call the nearest facility or, even better, visit it in person. A friendly, knowledgeable on-site manager is ready to help you at each location! From everyone at SecurCare Self Storage, we welcome you to your new home in the Golden State, Bakersfield, CA!

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