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Aerial view of neighborhoods in Dallas-Fort Worth area

As they say, everything is bigger in Texas, which also goes for the city of Arlington. There are a fantastic variety of things to do and see in Arlington, including the Super Bowl champion Dallas Cowboys in their impressive AT&T Stadium! If you’re moving to Arlington, TX or just arrived and need information about the city to help you acclimate, the information below will be helpful! It’s an in-depth guide to moving to Arlington, Texas, from your friends at SecurCare Self Storage. From the best neighborhoods to the cost of living, education system, and the most fun attractions, you’ll find everything you need to know about Arlington, Texas, below! 

What are the Best Neighborhoods in Arlington, TX? 

You’ll find 86 constituent neighborhoods in Arlington and nearly 400,000 residents. That makes it the 7th largest city in Texas and gives you a plethora of unique neighborhoods to choose from. The following 10 are considered some of the best neighborhoods in Arlington, but, as in most cities, many others are just as nice and worth a look before settling on your favorite. 

  • Viridian– One of the city’s wealthiest suburbs with 5 lakes and 500 acres of green space. 
  • Court House– Transit-oriented around the Orange and Solver Lines. 
  • West Arlington– Large green spaces are the hallmark of this community. 
  • Ashton Heights– Considered one of the best all-around neighborhoods in Arlington. 
  • Highland Park– One of the city’s national historic districts, affectionately known as Fostoria. 
  • Virginia Square– A fantastic and fun location for young adults just starting out. 
  • West Arlington– Borders Lake Arlington, a major selling point! 
  • Aurora Highlands– Anther national historic district but with a younger vibe. 
  • Cherrydale– At the intersection of 5 Points and a local club area. 
  • East Arlington– Attached to the city’s biggest entertainment hub! 

Is the Cost of Living in Arlington, TX, Affordable? 

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While the cost of living in Arlington, Texas, isn’t the cheapest in the United States, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s not higher than the U.S. average. For example, the overall cost index in Arlington is 100.8 / 100, less than one percentage point higher than comparable cities across the country. 

The housing cost index in Arlington is also favorable at 89.1 / 100, 11 points below average. With a median home cost of $311,600, your new Arlington home will cost approximately $30,000 less than in comparable U.S. cities. Below is a complete list of the major cost indices in Arlington so you can compare them to other cities if you wish. 

(Please note that the U.S. national average is 100. Anything lower than that would thus be lower than average and vice versa.) 

  • Overall. 100.8 / 100 
  • Housing. 89.1 / 100 
  • Groceries. 98.1 / 100 
  • Healthcare. 99.3 / 100 
  • Utilities. 100 / 100 
  • Miscellaneous. 108.5. / 100 
  • Transportation. 114.6. / 100 

Is the Arlington Education System Highly Rated? 

School bus driving on road

There are a whopping 389 public schools in Arlington, Texas, to choose from, and most of them get relatively high marks. Overall, Arlington gets a solid B grade from Niche, which most students will tell you is pretty good. However, if you need more than good, there’s always the Texas Academy of Biomedical, the #68 best public high school in the state. Mansfield Frontier High School is the #82 best, which is also excellent, and both schools rate an A+. 

As far as colleges and universities are concerned, there are a variety of excellent choices in Arlington, including Southern Methodist University, the University of Texas at Dallas, the University of North Texas, and several others. 

Top 9 Best Things to Do in Arlington 

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There are many fun things to do in Arlington, and with the great weather here, you can enjoy them often. We’ve got the 9 best things to do in Arlington below for your perusal! 

  1. Globe Life Field– Home of the venerable Texas Rangers of the MLB! 
  2. International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame– The name says it all! If you’re an avid bowler, don’t miss this amazing HOF! 
  3. National Medal of Honor Museum– A museum for all who paid the ultimate sacrifice for American freedom. 
  4. River Legacy Park– 8 miles of hiking and biking trails and monthly events are available in this fantastic park. 
  5. Esports Stadium and Expo Center– The largest stadium in the world dedicated to eSports! 
  6. AT&T Stadium– If the NFL is your jam and the Cowboys are your jelly, this is the place to be from September through (hopefully) February! 
  7. Arlington Museum of Art– Dating back to the 1950s, this lovely museum has a plethora of fascinating objects and artworks on display. 
  8. Crystal Canyon Natural Area– If you love all gemstones, this fascinating nature area will knock your rocks off! 
  9. Hurricane Harbor– When the kids are bored and the days are hot (which is always), Hurricane Harbor is the place to cool off and run off all that energy. 

What are the Largest Cities Near Arington? 

Which cities close to Arlington should you want to explore, sell your wares or see what’s around? If yes, the following list contains all the major cities and how many miles it takes to get there from the center of Arlington! 

  • Fort Worth– 13 miles. 
  • Dallas– 18 miles. 
  • Garland– 30 miles. 
  • Plano– 31 miles. 
  • Austin– 175 miles. 
  • Oklahoma City, OK– 190 miles. 
  • Houston– 229 miles. 
  • San Antonio– 243 miles. 
  • Tulsa, OK– 245 miles. 
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Trust SecurCare to Store Your Stuff Safely, Securely, and Conveniently 

If you’ve just arrived and you’re looking for storage units in Arlington, TX, SecurCare has them waiting for you! Every storage unit we rent is clean, safe, and secure, with 24/7 video security cameras, fully-fenced properties that are well-lit at night, and on-site managers. 

If you need help determining which self storage unit you need, check out our convenient size guide. It will give you a better idea of how much will fit in all the different-sized storage units we rent. When you’re ready, SecurCare Self Storage in Arlington is ready for you! You can rent your storage unit online in minutes with no deposit necessary! 

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