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Summer should be a time for kids to take a break from school. But for kids and families who rely on school-provided meals, that’s not always the case. And too often, summer break can mean worrying about getting enough to eat. An estimated 32 million meals are needed to help neighbors facing hunger during the summer months. Your support can help get more meals to neighbors facing hunger, so kids enjoy summer as it should be. This summer, join National Storage Affiliates and Feeding America®, because together, we create an America where no one is hungry.

The Impact on Children During the Summer

Children are disproportionately affected by food insecurity. Statistics show that they experience higher food insecurity rates than households without children. During the summer months, when school meals are not readily available, these young individuals face increased challenges in accessing sufficient and nutritious food.

Data reveals that 82% of counties with the highest child food insecurity rates are in rural areas. Limited economic resources, lack of access to grocery stores, and transportation barriers add to the difficulties faced by children and families in these regions. The summer season should be a time of carefree enjoyment and should not be defined by food insecurity in rural communities. Food insecurity is also particularly severe within communities of color. These communities experience higher rates of food insecurity, intensifying the challenges children face during the summer. 

NSA Brands, Feeding America®, and You

As we embrace the joys of summer, remember that no child should face the burden of food insecurity during this carefree season. Together, we can create a summer where kids can focus on play, exploration, and growth rather than worrying about where their next meal will come from. Join NSA Brands and Feeding America® in making a positive impact this summer and help build a future where hunger is no longer a barrier for children.

Learn more at feedingamerica.org/summer.

Neighbor Stories


Roberto is dedicated to being the caretaker of his six grandkids and “wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Summers can be difficult without school meals. With the help of his local food bank’s summer meal programs, Roberto is able to keep being a hero for his grandkids.


“The summer meals help, because I never have to worry about them eating.”

“If I didn’t have those summer meals, it would be difficult.”

“Summer meals make it easier to cope. Seeing the kids’ faces when they grab the bags, they’re smiling, they’re happy.”


“In the summer, I like playing basketball and on the trampoline.”


Rebekah is a mother of two and a “lifetime Mainer” who takes pride in her community. When she unexpectedly ran into health issues, it became difficult to buy groceries. Once she found support from her neighbors at a local food pantry, Rebekah was able to feed her family and focus on the future again.


“For me with the summer meals program, it’s one extra meal that I don’t have to worry about.”

“Summer meal programs are not just for people who experience food insecurity, they are amazing programs that help families – no matter what the need is.”


“My favorite thing to do in summer is to hang out with friends.”

“My favorite thing at the summer camp is mainly lunch.”

Learn more at feedingamerica.org/summer.

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