Camping Storage Ideas to Try On Your Summer Road Trip

We’ve all made the mistake of tossing our camping gear all willy-nilly in the basement or garage. While that’s super fast and convenient, we have better camping storage ideas for you to try this summer. The fact is, camping gear can be expensive. Letting it get ruined because you store it improperly would be a crying shame.

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To ensure your camping gear stays clean, rust and vermin-free, we suggest storing everything in large plastic bins. You can get them at practically any big-box department store and, often, on sale too. Small and medium-sized tents will fit inside, as well as sleeping bags, battery-operated lanterns, sleeping pads, and more. Camp stoves and cooking gear would be best in a large plastic bin, too. 

Once everything is safely in your plastic bins, you can stack them easily. We suggest you don’t stack them too high, though, for safety reasons. Three stacked on top of each other would be best unless the 4th is filled with very light stuff. You could also purchase storage shelves and stack your bins full of camping gear on those. That way, finding something specific will be easier and faster.

Camping Storage Ideas to Try On Your Summer Road Trip

Next is to choose a place to store them in your home. Below are a few camping storage ideas and whether or not they work well, including:

  • The attic. Not bad, but getting in and out can be problematic. Also, the heat in summer can damage some camping supplies, depending on where you live. (Florida, Nevada, Texas, and Arizona get sweltering hot.)
  • The basement. A decent choice, but only if your basement isn’t too damp or prone to flooding.
  • The garage. The storage location of choice for many, the garage isn’t that bad a choice. However, camping gear can take up lots of room, which could be problematic if your garage is small.
  • In your home’s crawl space. Another spot where getting in and out can be a real pain in the booty. Plus, if bugs and critters get in, they could destroy your precious camping gear in a matter of weeks.
  • The shed out back. The shed isn’t a great choice due to changing weather, temperature extremes, and the risk of damage from leaks. Plus, critters like squirrels, mice, rats, raccoons, and chipmunks can make a real mess.

Product Ideas for Camping Storage

We talked above about purchasing large plastic bins to store your camping gear. If that’s what you plan to do, there are several excellent choices out there. Other camping storage products work well also and help you store everything safely, including:

  • Plano Storage Trunk– Massive, sturdy, and it has wheels for easy moving and storage.
  • Rubbermaid ActionPacker– From the leader in plastic bins, this indestructible bin comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Roadie Tent & RV Camping Organizer– Like the tent we referred to earlier, this one is perfect for camping storage.
  • Lamuro Campsite Storage Strap– A fantastic product to use when you’re on the open road. You can store things out of reach of vermin and dry stuff too!
  • Doukey LED Camping Light- While not a storage product per se, this portable, hanging, batter-powered light is fantastic! It will make storing your gear much easier after the sun goes down.
Camping Storage Ideas to Try On Your Summer Road Trip

Camping Storage Ideas: Where to Store During a Trip

One of the biggest drawbacks for some when camping with a camper is where to store everything. For example, where can you store bikes, toys, rafts, and other fun gear for a large family? Some campers purchase an extra tent just for this very reason. (See the product suggestion list, below!) They set up the tent to hold everything safely when parked and camping. Others tow their car and store stuff inside to save space in their camper when they’re not using it. 

Where to Store Stuff When Living in Your Camper

Some folks spend months at a time on the road, exploring the United States. If that’s you and you don’t want to pay rent on your apartment, you’ll need to store your stuff. We suggest a safe, clean SecurCare storage unit for that! Your things will be protected while you’re gone under the watchful eyes of our on-site manager. Plus, we only offer month-to-month leases. That way, if you come back early (or stay away longer), you’ll only pay for the time you need. (There’s no getting stuck in a long-term storage unit lease with SecurCare!)

We hope these camping storage ideas help! Best of luck with your camping trips this summer.

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This post was published on 7/15/2017. It was updated on 1/17/2022.