Top RV Parks & RV Storage in Monument, CO

Are you planning to travel to Monument, CO, in your RV sometime soon? If yes, lucky you! Monument is a fascinating town with outdoor adventure opportunities aplenty! In this article, we’ll explore not only the best locations in this beautiful town, but we’ll also talk about RV storage in Monument.

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Located between Colorado Springs and Denver, Monument borders Pike National Forest and has spectacular views of Pike’s Peak. Our historic downtown area exudes an old-timey charm you don’t find in America anymore. (Wooden sidewalks? Yep, Monument’s got them!) Of course, if you’re coming here in your RV to stay, you might need RV storage when you get here. You might also have questions about the local amenities, attractions, and eateries. Info about RV parks where you can enjoy your stay would be nice, too. If that sounds good, read on! We’ve got all that info, plus top tips on RV storage in Monument, CO, below. It’s helpful info to make your trip less stressful and help you take advantage of everything Monument, CO offers.

TIP: Clean Your RV Well Before Storage

Before committing to RV storage in Monument, you should give it a deep clean inside and out. That will keep it in good shape until the next time you take it out on an adventure. A good waxing is essential, also, to protect it from the sun’s UV rays. Inside you should get in there and clean it as well as you can. That way, you won’t get permanent stains on any upholstery or attract bugs and vermin to spilled food.

Speaking of food, emptying the fridge is essential, especially if you won’t hook up your RV to an electric power source. We also recommend tossing any boxed food as crafty critters can open them and make a mess. Lastly, place an open box of Arm & Hammer baking soda inside to absorb odors. (You’ll thank us later when your fridge smells fresh and clean.)

Top RV Park | Diamond Campground and RV Park

In the shade of Ponderosa pines, Diamond Campground and RV Park offers stunning beauty and tranquility. It’s situated on 18 acres and has everything you need for RVing fun and adventure before RV storage in Monument! It’s also within walking distance to lovely Woodland Park and 1 mile from Woodland Aquatic Center and its fantastic pool. Do note, though, that Diamond is only open from May to September like many other RV parks here.

Top RV Parks & RV Storage in Monument, CO

TIP: Open Your RVs Rooftop Vents During Storage

One of the biggest problems when storing an RV is that, with no airflow, it can get moldy and mildewy inside. For that reason, opening the rooftop vents to circulate air is a good idea. That will allow fresh air in and let stale air out to keep your RV from smelling like moldy bread.

Top Outdoor Activity | Monument Rock

About 3 miles from end to end, hiking to the top of Monument Rock is a favorite activity in these parts. It’s pet-friendly, makes a complete loop, and is still achievable for those who aren’t exactly professional athletes. Indeed, Monument, CO, offers more than 30 miles of gorgeous trails for every level of hiker. The hike to Monument Rock, however, is probably the most scenic and offers the best views.

Storage Units in Monument, CO

TIP: Get a Full Cover or Window Shades For Your RV

The sun can do all sorts of damage to an RV that’s being stored, no doubt. UV rays can damage the interior and the exterior, reducing your RV’s value and lifespan. For that reason, covering your RV while it’s in storage is a great idea. A full cover is best, but window shades are better than nothing if that’s not possible. Either one will provide extra protection for your RV while it’s parked in storage.

Top RV Park | Colorado Springs KOA

Open all year, Colorado Springs KOA is one of the best RV parks near Monument, CO. It’s got extra-large sites for even the biggest RVs, a fantastic dog park, and a pool, too! A hot tun and sauna? You’ll enjoy those amenities here also, plus a playground, waterpark, and life-size chess game! Of course, the park is right next door to some of the area’s best attractions. That includes Pike’s Peak, the most visited mountain in North America!

TIP: Rent a Covered RV Storage Space in Monument

We talked earlier about covering your RV to protect it from UV rays, which is an excellent idea. Even better, though, is to rent a covered RV storage space in Monument, CO. Covered RV storage spaces protect your RV from the sun but also rain, sleet, and especially hail. Indeed, it’s the best way to store a large RV long-term.

Top Outdoor Activity | Florissant Fossil Monument

Are you looking for one of the most diverse fossil deposits on the planet? If so, Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument is a must-see! It’s got one of the richest fossil deposits in the world! Also, the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society gives exciting lectures on the spectacular night sky. You find 14 miles of trails to hike, too, making this one of the best outdoor activities in Monument, CO.

Top RV Parks & RV Storage in Monument, CO

Monument, CO is an Amazing Place!

Camping for a few days or staying in your RV for the summer, Monument, CO, is sensational. The views, scenery, fresh air, and history all come together to make this a top U.S. vacation spot.

Are you moving to Monument? If yes, RV storage in Monument, CO, is a breeze with SecurCare Self Storage. We offer extra-large parking spaces and covered RV parking spaces too. Our 5 self-storage locations in Monument, CO, and the surrounding area are clean, safe, and secure. Even better, we only offer month-to-month storage rentals, even on RVs. You’ll never get trapped in a long-term contract with SecurCare.

Chat with us online if you have questions, or visit one of our self-storage centers in Monument, CO. The on-site manager can answer all your questions and get you set up. We also have storage units in Monument, CO, for your other stuff, too! 

Whatever you need to keep safe and sound, you can store it with SecurCare! (No flammables, though, please.) Until then, we hope you have a wonderful time RVing in Monument! We know you’re going to love it here because we love it here, too!

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