8 Things We Love for Minimalist Apartment Ideas

No matter if this is your first apartment or your fifteenth, you want it to be perfect. After all, your apartment is your home base, your place to relax, and sometimes your place of work too. Since most of us spend so much time in our homes these days, we put together some minimalist apartment ideas. In addition, we put together a list of our 8 favorite items for minimalist apartment decor to help you get started redecorating! We even included some items you might like if you want to incorporate red living room decor. So, let’s talk about how to design your apartment.

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Sleek Storage Bed

If this is your first apartment, a perfect place to start decorating is with your bed. After all, everyone needs a bed to sleep on. So we recommend you choose a bed before selecting the rest of your furniture.

Once you’ve decided on the size bed you want, we recommend choosing a bed with storage. In particular, this is important advice for people living in apartments with limited storage. Under-bed storage is a neat and tidy way to add some extra storage into your home.

We love this particular storage bed because of the simple grey color and minimalist design. This is the perfect place to start for decorating your minimalist apartment!

minimalist apartment decor
Image courtesy of Wayfair.com

Buy it Here: Abril Queen Tufted Low Profile Storage Standard Bed from House of Hampton

Minimalist Bedside Table with Drawer Storage

After you choose a bed, you can next move on to your bedside tables. If you’re single, you may only need one. However, if you have space for an extra, or if you live with a partner, you’ll want a pair.

Nightstands tend to collect clutter for many people. To avoid a cluttered space, choose a bedside table with drawers. This way you can have everything you need close by without creating a cluttered mess. No matter what you like by your bed, be it tissues, earplugs, or your nightly reading, it will always be close by and tidy. Many minimalist apartment ideas focus on the decor, but the best way to make that dream a reality is through organization. Mess will quickly distract from your decor, so buy useful storage like this to stay tidy!

This nightstand is a modern and minimalist option that brightens up an otherwise dark room. The silver hardware brings lightness to this mid-century modern style. We also love the white, because it really adds to a minimalist apartment decor plan. This also offers you opportunities to add color in other areas of your home.

minimalist apartment decor
Image courtesy of Wayfair.com

Buy it Here: Abramson 23.5″ Tall 2-Drawer Nightstand from Hashtag Home

Textured Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are one of the little things that can really elevate the style of your home. So make sure to choose throw pillows you love. If you’re looking for minimalist apartment ideas, you probably won’t want bright or flashy pillows. That’s why we suggest using texture to introduce different elements into your space while maintaining that minimalism.

The pillows below are vibrant, but they are still one solid color. This color is perfect for people looking for red living room decor ideas. We also love the plush striped corduroy on these pillow covers.

Expert Tip: If you buy standard sized throw pillows, you can mix and match pillow covers all year long to suit your mood. This is more sustainable and affordable than buying new pillows every time you want to redecorate your room!

Red pillows on a couch
Image courtesy of Wayfair.com

Buy it Here: Ayedin Square Throw Pillow Cover (Set of 2) from Latitude Run

Comfortable and Minimalist Desk Chair

A comfortable desk chair is a must-have these days. So, we recommend this sleek red chair to combine function and style in your apartment. In addition to students and work-from-home employees, this is a great addition to any apartment. In particular, we love the pop of color this chair will add to your red living room decor!

Pulling together minimalist apartment ideas requires attention to detail to make sure that each item complements the rest. So make sure that you don’t buy too much bright or patterned items when decorating. One or two bright items like this one add intentional color to a room, but if you add too many you’re room won’t be minimalist anymore.

minimalist apartment decor
Image courtesy of Wayfair.com

Buy it Here: Adasu Task Chair from Latitude Run

Classic Wood Desk

Now that you have a desk chair, you will need a desk to go with it! As a result, we picked this beautiful wood desk. This simple design is classic and will allow the red desk chair to pop. Simultaneously, the sleek top and splayed desk legs add a modern feel to a classic style. We love the simplicity of this desk for minimalist apartment decor. It will be the perfect place to sit and let your ideas flow!

minimalist apartment decor
Image courtesy of Wayfair.com

Buy it Here: Mehara Solid Wood Desk from Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse

Modern Chandelier

If you want to scale up the style of your new apartment, light fixtures are the perfect way to start. This modern, geometric chandelier is affordable and will really elevate the look of your apartment. The exposed lightbulbs bring a retro look to this modern design. Also, the mixed metals are a subtle addition and one of our favorite minimalist apartment ideas. Unique items like this will help to make your personal taste shine through all while creating the minimalist apartment of your dreams.

minimalist apartment decor
Image courtesy of Wayfair.com

Buy it Here: Alson 9 – Light Unique Geometric Chandelier from Brayden Studio

Monochrome Wall Clock

Not only is this clock functional, but it is also stylish and minimalist. The black monochrome look is ultra-modern and won’t conflict with other minimalist apartment ideas. Every apartment needs at least one clock, so make sure to consider this one!

minimalist apartment decor
Image courtesy of BurkeDecor.com

Buy it Here: Tone35 Silent Wall Clock Black Index from Burke Decor

Neutral Paint Colors

Lastly, paint colors are fundamental in designing your apartment style. A quick coat of paint can refresh the look and bring together all the different elements of the room. We love this shade because it is a soothing neutral tone. This color will bring lightness and simplicity to your minimalist apartment. In addition, a simple wall color offers opportunities to explore the use of color in your decor and furniture. For example, Behr’s glass of milk looks gorgeous alongside red living room decor!

minimalist apartment decor
Image courtesy of Behr.com

Buy it Here: Behr Glass of Milk Paint color

Minimalist Apartment Renovation Ideas

Use SecurCare Self Storage

Whether you are moving in to a new apartment or redecorating your current one, it is a big task! So to make your task easier, we suggest you reserve a self storage unit from SecurCare. Many folks rent a storage unit from SecurCare Self Storage while they redecorate. That way, their nicer things don’t become full of dust, dirt, and debris.

Also, when trying to stick to your minimalist apartment ideas, inevitably, you will remove something. However, if it’s something you still enjoy, storing it in a self-storage unit makes perfect sense. Clean, secure, and easy to access, your treasured possessions will be well protected.

5 x 5 storage unit will probably be perfect for smaller redecorating projects. Larger redecorating projects might demand a larger storage unit, however. Whatever you need, SecurCare Self Storage can make it happen.

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