Small College Apartment Bedroom Ideas: How to Decorate

Are you stuck living in a tiny bedroom in your college dorm or apartment? If yes, we’re betting you could use some small college apartment bedroom ideas for storage and decorating. Luckily, we’re the experts when it comes to small space solutions. Read on to find out our best space-saving ideas on how to decorate a small college dorm room or college apartment!

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According to a study by NSA, about 50% of college students will use storage at some point in their schooling. The most common reason for using storage is when classes aren’t in session. However, the second most common is when students have too many belongings for their space. The latter situation can be the most annoying, especially if your dorm room or apartment is tiny. Not only that, but clutter is actually bad for your brain. So here’s how to save on space in your small college apartment bedroom.

College Apartment Bedroom Storage Ideas

If living in a tiny college bedroom or dorm has got you down, we’ve got the cure! Below are a few great small college apartment bedroom ideas that will give you some extra space to stretch out and relax.

College Apartment Bedroom Ideas #1: Downsize

Downsizing is basically just getting rid of stuff you don’t need, want, or use regularly. Consider what you’ll really need to keep with you in your new college apartment bedroom. For example, do you really need 17 pairs of shoes and two closets full of outfits in your dorm? If you hesitate about bringing something – just don’t. If it’s sentimental, but you haven’t touched it in a couple of years, put it in a storage unit. 

how to decorate a small college dorm room

College Apartment Bedroom Ideas #2: Rent Storage

OK, let’s say you brought your bicycle, surfboard or scooter to school. Maybe you’ve started a side hustle or have a bunch of winter clothes you don’t need (yet). If you do, renting a small, 5×5 storage unit is a perfect idea! The stuff you don’t use daily is out of your way when you have a small storage unit. You can get things whenever you need them and, when you’re done, put them back. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.

College Apartment Bedroom Ideas #3: Use Baskets

When you leave your items laying around, the result is usually a very cluttered space. That clutter causes extra stress, which no college student needs. Stackable storage bins or decorative baskets that can live in a cube organizer shelf are both great solutions to all that clutter. They’re cheap, so you don’t spend a fortune. Storage baskets come in all sorts of materials like wire, clear plastic, wicker, canvas – you name it!

how to decorate a small college dorm room

College Bedroom Ideas #4: Multifunctional Furniture

Try a raised bed for your small college apartment bedroom. Just think “bunk bed” but without the bottom bunk. In its place, you can fit your desk, chair, and all your study essentials! It’s a perfect way to get a lot of extra floor space in a small college dorm or apartment. Plus, it looks fabulous! You can hang lights underneath, for example, to liven the space and make it comfier for studying! Also, you can find tons of options for furniture that doubles as storage at sites like Ikea or Wayfair. If you want to check out some cute and functional minimalist apartment decor items, we picked all our favorites on our blog!

STORAGE TIP: Don't bring too much furniture with you to college. The less furniture you bring, the more space you'll have. 

How To Decorate a Small College Bedroom

Decorating a small college dorm room can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Below are some fantastic small college dorm (or apartment bedroom) ideas you can use to make decorating your dorm easy.

Decor Idea #1: Mirrors

Hang a large mirror on one wall to create the feel of a bigger space. It really does work! You can also use smaller mirrors throughout the dorm. You can get super cute, boho-looking mirrors at Target.

Small College Apartment Bedroom Ideas how to decorate a small college dorm room
Small College Apartment Bedroom Ideas

Decor Idea #2: Plants

Bring some small plants from home or buy a few locally. Plants add life, look great and give you something to take care of, which is comforting. There many house plants you won’t kill in a small dorm.

Decor Idea #3: Photos

Hang some string lights like they sell at Urban Outfitters across the wall and use tiny clothespins to display your favorite pictures of friends, family, and your pets. You’ll feel right at home!

how to decorate a small college dorm room how to decorate a small college dorm room
Small College Apartment Bedroom Ideas how to decorate a small college dorm room

Decor Idea #4: Shelves

Use your dorm’s vertical space to display decorations by using shelving. Wall shelving can help make your dorm feel less crowded while still incorporating items that show off your specific style.

Decor Idea #5: Cozy Pieces

There are a few ways to make your small college dorm room cozier. We suggest pillows. Lots and lots of pillows. You can also use curtains instead of vinyl blinds; they’re much “homier”.

Small College Apartment Bedroom Ideas

Ready, Set, Decorate!

We hope you enjoyed our tips and ideas for how to decorate a small college dorm room. We’re SecurCare, the college storage experts. We have safe, clean, and affordable storage units near many major American colleges and universities

Questions? You can chat with a friendly manager online anytime or come to a local SecureCare facility. Our on-site managers will be happy to show you around and answer all your questions! Until then, best of luck squeezing all your stuff into your tiny college dorm room! You can do it!

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