Study Abroad Guide: The Top Summer Programs for College Students

As summer approaches and college and university campuses clear out, many students are gearing up to travel. Traveling during summer break from college is an American tradition that goes back decades. It’s one of the best ways to unwind from school and de-stress for a few weeks. Travel abroad is also exciting and can significantly broaden your horizons and view of the world. Studying abroad will guide your growth in life even more!

Leaving the United States means taking a plane, and air travel are costly. It’s also, for lack of a better term, costly. Staying in hotels, motels, and hostels can add up too, and don’t forget about the daily need for food. If you’re able to afford all of that, consider yourself lucky. If you can’t but still want to travel abroad, you’ll need to make your luck.

Use this study abroad guide to kickstart your summer!

According to a study by NSA, about half of college students used storage short-term. Specifically for less than 3 months and during the summer. That means students are moving out of their dorms and apartments when classes are not in session or even before they are in session. Since they aren’t tied down with rent or studying, many students choose to be productive during this time. Don’t let your current address tie you down! If you’re not paying rent, why not do something spontaneous like travel?

We’ve got a ton of excellent information to help you! Below you’ll find the top travel abroad summer programs for college students and much more! It’s actionable information you can use to make your dreams of travel abroad come true this summer!

Basic Guide: How To Study Abroad

Not sure where to start on your journey to go on a summer journey abroad? That’s not surprising, as there are many ways to do it (and ways to pay for it too). Below are a few of the best methods to reach your studying abroad goals:

  • Check with your college or university. Most have summer study abroad programs and help with logistics and housing.
  • Enroll in a University of College overseas directly. Direct enrollment in a summer program works best if you can afford the peripherals like food, housing, and travel. (In short, you’ll pay all the expenses.) Here’s a great blog about Universities where you can study English abroad.
  • Enroll in an independent study [program abroad. Brown University has an excellent program, for example.
  • Go on field research abroad with the Institute for Field Research.
  • Enroll in a High School student exchange program.

Summer Travel Jobs for College Students

Traveling is expensive, as we already know. To offset the cost, many college students get jobs when they travel abroad. There are many programs you can enroll in that allow you to travel and work simultaneously. Of course, you won’t work 24/7. That means, during your time off, you’ll be free to explore, meet people and see the sights! Plus, you’ll come back home to the States with some spending money! 

How Much Does it Cost to Study Abroad?

As we’ve discussed in this guide, studying abroad can be expensive; there’s no denying that. Some opportunities, though, are less costly than others. Indeed, if you get a scholarship to study overseas, you won’t pay for anything! (You need to enroll in these early, though, and get a little lucky, too. They aren’t giving them out to just anyone!) 

Typically, however, the cost of studying abroad is about the same as a typical semester. However, the cost of housing, food, and activities can vary significantly; we’d encourage you to research all of those misc. costs. In France, for example, you’ll pay about double what you will in, say, Ecuador or Costa Rica. Australia is cheaper than Japan, but the cost to get there is exorbitant. (Both are very far from the United States!) 

How To Study Abroad in Japan

In the Land of the Rising Sun, you’ll find many unique opportunities to add to your study abroad guide! Amazingly, you’ll find nearly 800 colleges and universities in Japan; you can choose from many excellent schools. (They have a very robust education system.) Plus, you’ll visit the world’s third-largest economy, where technology is a step ahead.

Rather than list all of the programs, schools, and opportunities, check out GO Overseas. They have a metric ton of information about studying in Japan and other countries also! How to study abroad in Korea, for example, or Australia. They have so many programs; the most challenging part will be choosing the one you like best!

Study Abroad Guide: The Top Summer Programs for College Students
Skyline of downtown Toyko, Japan with Mt Fuji in the background

How To Study Abroad in Korea

South Korea is truly a fascinating country! It’s ancient, modern, fast-paced, and supremely tranquil, all at the same time! The people, places are customs in this fantastic place demand to be experienced! Plus, the food! If you’re a foodie, there are few countries in the world with such delectable dishes! If Korea is your destination of choice over summer break, check out all the programs and guides on their website first! The Council On International Educational Exchange (CIEE) is a great place to start. 

Study Abroad Guide: The Top Summer Programs for College Students
Traditional Korean style architecture at Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, South Korea

How To Put Study Abroad on Resume

Our biggest tip on this guide is that putting “Studied Abroad” on your resume can lend some heft to what is likely a skinny one. (No offense.) It’s something that hiring managers look for, too, especially if you bring language skills to the table. Below are a few other great reasons why your college travel abroad belongs on your CV:

  • It sets you far apart from any other candidates applying for a specific job or position.
  • Shows that you value other cultures and peoples
  • It adds to your skill-set-leadership, languages, independent thinking, etc.
  • It explains why your job experience is a bit limited. (You were gaining valuable experience!)

In short, traveling abroad and studying should most definitely be on your resume. Let your potential employer know about it! They say you need the experience to get a job, and that’s true. Studying abroad is one of the best experiences you can have and a fantastic life experience too.

Get Ready To Travel Abroad over Summer Break!

We hope this short study abroad guide was beneficial! At SecurCare, we love traveling, but we also love helping folks with their storage needs here, stateside! We have storage units all over America! College students use them when moving to college or university. (Their parents use them to store their kids’ stuff when they leave, too!)

Until then, we wish you the very best in traveling and studying this summer! Enjoy the experiences, people, and culture as much as you can while you’re there! If you have questions, chat with us online anytime.

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