Must-Haves for RV Camping

The list of must-haves for RV camping goes beyond bug spray and sleeping bags. A step up from tent tenants, RV adventurers need to pack add-ons like propane and pressure gauges. But the extra prep comes with perks.

Ready to ramp up your outdoor experience with a home on wheels? Prepare accordingly with these must-haves for RV camping.

Camping Clothes: The ground may not be your mattress anymore, but you’re not staying at a hotel either. Pack with day and night temps in mind. Think shorts and swimsuits for fun in the sun and long layers for campfire chats.

Leveling Blocks: We know your body remembers this from your last camping trip: Most campsites are uneven. Not only is RV life uncomfortable at an angle, but a lop-sided stance can also damage your fridge. Leveling blocks are an inexpensive solution to a skewed situation. Even if your RV already has a built-in leveling system, bring blocks as a backup in case it fails.

Camping chairs make comfy companions for fireside circles.

Foldable Furniture: This category is top on our list of must-haves for RV camping. You may be tempted to ditch the foldable furniture to save space, but don’t give in. It’s hard to enjoy the great outdoors when your chair comes in the form of sticks and rocks. Pack one chair per person, as well as one foldable table. You’ll be glad you did.

Disposable Dinnerware: Paper plates and plastic utensils will make clean-up easier and reduce water use. To rack up extra green points, pack compostable cups and cutlery. Look for tableware made with renewable resources like sugar cane and plant fiber.

Extra propane is a must-have for RV camping.

Propane: Propane is like a magic potion for your RV. It’s cheaper than gas and can be utilized for cooking, cooling, heating, and refrigeration. Load up on extra tanks at the closest town to your campsite. Remember to practice proper propane precautions: Never use propane while driving and ensure tanks are safely secured to the outside of your RV.

Make-Ahead Meals: Pre-cooked cuisine works wonders for your first and last meal, as well as activity-packed days. These are definitely a must-have for RV camping! When planning your menu, think crockpot classics like chili and soup. Pack in resealable bags and freeze until you’re ready to chow down.

Water Hookup Helpers: It takes a team of tools to keep campsite water clean, accessible, and regulated. A few things you’ll need:

  • Hose: This is your gateway to H2O. Simply connect the hose to the campsite’s water hookup.
  • Inline water regulator: Water pressure varies by the campground, so a regulator is key when measuring incoming pressure. Aim to stay in the recommended range of 40 psi – 60 psi. The perfect pressure conserves water while preventing damage to your RV’s lines and fixtures.
  • Inline water filter: Just like pressure, water quality is inconsistent and a must-have for RV camping. A hose carbon filter is a great starting point. If you’re not satisfied with its results, add a water softener to remove additional contaminants.
  • Water bandit: This rubber hose connector is a 1-size-fits-all solution to unthreaded or damaged hookups. Connect one side to your hose and the other end will adhere to almost any water hookup.

Bungee Cords: While driving to your next destination, cabinets and drawers don’t always stay shut. Use bungee cords to keep them closed.

LED Lights: Look to LEDs for all light sources—inside your RV and for portable sources like lanterns and flashlights. Though they come with a higher price tag than halogen bulbs, LEDs last longer and can reduce power consumption by 90%.

Tool Kit: Bring a travel size tool kit that includes all of the basics. Must-haves include a hammer, a pocket knife, a screwdriver, duct tape, a flashlight, a can of WD-40, plyers and an adjustable wrench.

First Aid Kit: Think beyond the band-aids and bug spray. Include camping-themed specifics like water tablets, safety pins, and tweezers. You can even buy a first aid kit made specifically for outdoor adventures. Our favorite brands include Adventure Medical Kits and MyMedic First Aid Kits.

We hope you and your family rock your RV adventure with this list of must-haves for RV camping. For more vacay inspiration, check out these can’t-miss road trip destinations on the East Coast.

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