400 Sq Ft Studio Apartment Ideas

Tiny homes and apartments of one of the most popular new lifestyle trends. So, we put together the top tips and 400 sq ft studio apartment ideas to help you use and love all your space! With many Americans on a strict budget, tiny homes are becoming the norm. And rising city rents have made smaller and smaller studio apartments popular too. But furnishing a studio apartment is tricky. If that’s the challenge you face, SecurCare is here to help. Below we’ve put together minimalist small studio apartment decor ideas! We’ve got tons of great ideas, from multi-use furniture and storage tips to decorating ideas so you can take advantage of every bit of space. To discover more and turn your studio apartment into a comfy, inviting space to live in, read on!

Don’t Go Too Crazy with Colors

Before you go crazy furnishing your studio apartment, think about the colors you plan to use. You may be tempted to incorporate lots of bright colors to make your home fun. However, in a small apartment, too many colors can be overwhelming. Designers recommend choosing only a select few and sticking with them.

One easy method is to use “tone on tone.” That’s where you pick a color, like blue, brown, or green, and use various shades of that same color. For example, you can place a dark chestnut comforter with light brown pillows, tan curtains, and almond flourishes for a coordinated look. If you like colors more than earth tones, instead opt for a coordinated color palette.

Tip: To avoid a monochromatic, boring look, choose textured fabrics, fibers, and textiles. This will introduce variety to your space without looking overwhelming.

400 sq ft studio apartment ideas

Use Furniture That Doubles as Storage in Your Small Studio Apartment

One of the biggest challenges when deciding how to furnish a studio apartment is the lack of storage space. A 400 sq ft apartment typically has very little storage, so you’ll need to get creative with your storage ideas! One excellent solution is to buy furniture that doubles as storage. For example, an ottoman that opens to reveal storage inside. Similarly, a Murphy bed is perfect in a tiny apartment, because you can fold it up during the day.

The classic sleeper sofa is also an excellent, space-saving idea (although they do get extremely heavy). Storage stools are very trendy today, as well as chic and comfortable. They double as a seat and extra storage space (and look good doing it). Even coffee tables are joining the act, with tops that lift to reveal storage inside. (Some also come with drawers.) And don’t forget the classic platform bed with storage drawers underneath.

Lastly, folding tables make a great addition to a studio apartment. When it’s just you and your significant other, they take up very little space. However, if friends or family drop by, they quickly open up to accommodate everyone! For many more furniture storage ideas, visit The Good Trade.

Ideas to Use the Walls in Your 400 Sq Ft Studio Apartment

Many folks focus on tables and floor space when it’s time to decorate. However, the walls are a splendid place to decorate. And best of all, decorating your walls won’t cut into your small space. Mixing and matching things is perfect for walls. For example, you can hang floating shelves, pictures, and paintings for a unique style. Also, book and magazine racks that attach to the wall are great and usually have a very shallow profile.

Tip: Use narrow shelves up high and wider shelves lower. That way, the things up high won’t get lost “behind” the shelf.

Tip: Invest in a good level before starting. Nothing looks worse than a bunch of uneven shelves, photos, and paintings!

400 sq ft studio apartment ideas

Purchase a Smaller Bed

There’s no denying the comfort of a big comfy bed. But, in a 400 sq ft studio apartment, you might need to get creative with your ideas. Even a queen size bed can be too big in a studio. (King size? No way!) Of course, if two of you share an apartment and bed, going too small might be a problem. Our recommendation would be a single bed or a double. The upside of a smaller bed is that you’ll have much more room for other things. Even better, don’t buy anything else and just have more room to live and breathe.

Tip: If you have a roommate in your 400 sq ft apartment, consider bunk beds!

Minimalist Small Studio Apartment Decor

The minimalist decor movement is nearly as big as the tiny house movement in the United States. Minimalist decor focuses on the space, lighting, and decorative objects all working together. (Marie Kondo is the master of minimalist living!) Below are a few of the major tenets of minimalist decor you can use in your studio apartment.

  • Focus on creating “empty space” rather than filling every inch with stuff.
  • Declutter! Get rid of anything and everything you don’t love, need, or use. Also, store as much as possible in cabinets, especially in the kitchen.
  • Use decorative elements sparingly. That’s not to say you shouldn’t put anything on your walls or sofas, but choose wisely and don’t overdo it.
  • Use textures to design rather than add extra decorative elements. An upholstered headboard, for example, textured wallpaper and wood floors.
  • Leave windows bare or, at the most, barely covered. The more light you let in, the bigger your apartment will feel.
  • Use neutral tones with small splashes of color. For example, white furniture and walls with colorful paintings and lampshades.
  • Use mirrors. Mirrors have an amazing way of making any space look much larger. Some folks create entire walls of mirrors for this very reason.
  • Create symmetry. Symmetry is when you balance the distribution of objects (typically furniture) within your space. For example, matching chairs, night tables, lamps, etc., that are spaced out equally.
400 sq ft studio apartment ideas

These 400 Sq Ft Studio Apartment Ideas Brought to you by SecurCare

Living in a tiny apartment doesn’t have to feel cramped, crowded, or stuffed. Hopefully, the tips and ideas we’ve covered today have given you plenty of inspiration. Now you’re ready to furnish your studio apartment!

When paring down, it helps to rent a storage unit from SecurCare first. The upside is that you can remove things but not get rid of them in a rush. Once stored, you can go through that stuff slowly, sell things online, donate items to charity, etc.

SecurCare Self Storage has storage centers across the United States to help. All have clean, safe, and secure storage units with 24/7 video monitoring. Chat with us online or visit the SecurCare self-storage center near you with any questions about self-storage. The manager will be more than happy to help you in any way they can. Until then, best of luck with your apartment decorating and design projects!

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