Book Storage Ideas for the Organized Bookworm

Bookshelves seem like an obvious solution to store your books, but not all spaces can accommodate an extra furniture piece. Check out our clever list of book storage ideas.

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Best Ways to Organize Your Books

Having many books to read and enjoy is one of the joys of life, it’s true. To take full advantage of a book collection, though, your books need to be well organized. That way, finding the specific book, chapter, poem, or quote you want is easy and fast. The best ways to organize your books are usually the easiest, too. They include:

  • Alphabetically. The classic book organization method and, some say, easiest to use.
  • Genre, including horror, science fiction, non-fiction, etc.
  • Books you’ve read, haven’t read yet or want to read next.
  • Author. If you have many fave authors, this method could be helpful.

Book Storage Ideas to Fit Your Collection

Whether at home or in a self storage unit, stocking your books is crucial to keeping them in good condition. One factor that makes a significant difference in how you store your books is the size of your collection. That’s especially true if you have an extensive collection, although you should store small books collections well also. Below are a few book storage ideas to fit yours perfectly, including:

Book Storage Ideas for the Organized Bookworm

Floor to Ceiling Shelving For Book Storage

If you have a substantial book collection, floor-to-ceiling shelving might be necessary. That way, you’ll take advantage of all the space available on a particular wall. (It helps to have vaulted ceilings.) If you have a massive book collection to store in a storage unit, sturdy metal shelves are best. We recommend packing the books in containers before you do that, however. If accessing them is essential, packing them in clear, plastic storage bins is a great idea. (See more on that below.)

Try Some Fancy Floating Glass Shelves

You can readily display smaller book collections on “floating” shelves. These attach to a wall with an unseen (but sturdy) bracket. If you’re a DIY type of person, hanging a floating glass shelf should be a relatively easy task. Our recommendation: hang several floating glass shelves together in an exciting pattern for an eye-catching book display.

Stylish Coffee Tables for Book Storage

The classic way of displaying books, coffee tables come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. There’s a coffee table for every room, from traditional wood to modern glass, lucite, and much more. Depending on your living space, a large, chic coffee table with a bottom shelf could be a fantastic book display. Your books will also be highly accessible to grab and peruse at your leisure.

Stylish, Modern Bookshelves or Bookcases

Many folks don’t have the luxury of vaulted ceilings. If you’re one of them, don’t fret. You can still use stylish, modern bookshelves for one of your book storage ideas and display your book collection. Your books will be fully accessible, visible and add a splash of beauty and culture to your home.

Clear, Plastic Totes for Book Storage

No matter the size of your book collection or book storage ideas, if you don’t care to display them, they need to be stored well. That goes for your home and when you store books in a storage unit. One of the best book storage ideas is to store them in clear, plastic totes. (They’re available at every major retailer.) Below are a few reasons why clear plastic totes are a great book storage solution:

  • They’re clear, so you can see which books are inside.
  • Clear, plastic totes offer a high degree of protection. Water, dirt, dust, bugs, and other book-ruining stuff are no match for a high-quality clear plastic tote.
  • Bins are incredibly durable. You can use and re-use clear plastic totes year after year.
  • They stack easily. Stacking is essential, especially if you plan to store your book collection in a storage unit.
  • They’re easy to transport. A clear plastic tote filled with books will be pretty heavy, so lift them carefully.

Storing Your Books in a Storage Unit

Big or small, if you don’t have space at home, storing your book collection in a storage unit rank among the best book storage ideas. Clean, safe, and secure storage units are easy to access. (They have big, roll-up garage doors!) You can stack boxes or totes full of books easily in a storage unit. You can also purchase metal shelves and completely organize the books in your storage unit. (Clear plastic totes to the rescue!) Plus, even a 5X5 storage unit, the smallest, will fit thousands of books! When it comes to booking storage ideas, storing them safely in a storage unit is one of the best!

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