Hanging Holiday Lights and Decorating Your Home’s Exterior

Tis the season for festive holiday decor. Everyone is trimming trees, decking halls and celebrating the season in their own unique way. When it’s time to hang your outdoor lights, follow these tips to ensure everything is safe and bright:

Plan and Prepare

According to Lowe’s, you will first want to create your design. Determine where you want to hang lights. Know whether you want to put them along your rooflines, atop hedges, around architectural features or deck railings. Measure every area you plan to trim with lights in order to calculate how many feet of waterproof lights you should purchase. You should also invest in safety cords that are specifically designed for outdoor use.

“Test your lights before you go through all of the hassle of hanging them. “

After buying the lights, look for any signs of damage or fraying. If you spot anything, do not use them, as damaged lights create a safety hazard. Test your lights before you go through all of the hassles of hanging them. If you have any newly bought strings that need to be replaced, take them back to the store where you purchased them.

Select Your Outlet

The power source for your festive design should be a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet, according to the DIY Network. Be sure to hire a professional electrician to install one of these if your home is not currently equipped with one.

Hanging Your Lights

When hanging your lights, use an all-purpose light clip and make sure the lights are all clipped in the same direction. Attach your clip to either the gutters of your home or the shingles atop your roof. Make sure when you use your ladder, you have someone there to help out. Have him or her stabilize the base of the ladder whenever you are climbing up or down.

Consider Other Outdoor Decor

If you are feeling especially festive, add a little more to your yard. Put up animated lighting, shimmer spheres or holiday wreaths.

Storing Your Decorations

After the holidays are over, you’ll need a spot to keep your exterior decorations. Renting a climate-controlled storage unit provides you with a dependable option for all your festive pieces. Head to a SecurCare Self Storage facility today and speak with one of our friendly managers about available storage units.