Organizing Your Child’s Playroom

With the holidays upon us, it’s time for family, great food and presents. If you have children, you know your child will likely increase his or her toy collection when the holidays arrive. To make room for new toys and ensure your kids feel free to play in a safe space, consider organizing the playroom.

Cut Down the Toy Collection

According to She Knows, kids only play with so many toys at a time, so having a million different toys isn’t always optimal. “I’ve learned that there’s an 80/20 rule for kids’ toys: If they aren’t organized well, kids end up spending 80 percent of their time playing with 20 percent of their toys while the other 80 percent go unused,” said Kat Eden of Education. com, according to She Knows. “To help combat this, I organize our playroom with a focus on access. My goal is to keep an environment that my kids can enjoy and keep neat. “Donate, sell or store excess toys to make keeping the playroom organized easier for your little ones.

Label and Store to Make Organization Simple

To make cleaning up easy for children of all ages, consider labeling storage containers with pictures. It can even double as an opportunity to teach your children new words. “If you have really young kids, use clip art to include a picture in addition to the word,” added Eden. “You can print the labels on address label stickers (available at all office supply stores) or on plain paper that you stick to the container using clear packing tape. “See-through storage containers that are easily reached is another way to ensure your children keep it tidy in the playroom. When you make putting their toys away simple, they are more likely to complete the necessary task. In addition, The Idea Room noted that see-through containers make finding favorite toys easy for young ones.

Declutter the Space

One of the issues with playrooms, according to HGTV, is that these spaces are typically smaller and lack adequate storage. Also, because they are rooms intended for children, people often dismiss this space and let it become overcrowded with toys and art supplies. Schedule a regular purging of the space to get rid of toys or other items that are broken or are not regularly used. In addition, you will want to invest in storage containers, bins, baskets and hooks for your young ones to keep their favorite items neatly put away after playtime. Make sure you instill the value of organization and neatness in their room. Giving them ownership and responsibility of the space will cultivate these skills that they will need for the rest of their lives. Also, set a good example by keeping your own spaces clean and organized regularly.

Invest in a Storage Unit

Sometimes your children outgrow perfectly good toys. Don’t feel obligated to throw these items out just because the kiddos aren’t playing with them now. You may want to save them for your grandkids or other children in the future. Rent a storage unit to keeps toys safe and protected while they are not being used. It’s also a great way to make more room in the playroom for toys that are regularly used by your kiddos. SecurCare Self Storage offers affordable storage solutions for everyone. Head to a local storage facility today, and speak with a friendly professional about our available storage units.