How To Keep Jewelry From Tarnishing

Now that you know how to pack necklaces without tangling, you need to learn how to pack different types of jewelry to prevent tarnishing. Did you know different materials need different storage? Jewelry is fragile and, in most cases, expensive. That’s why knowing how to pack jewelry by its type is a must. Proper packing is especially important if you have silver, diamond, or pearls in long-term storage, as those can get damaged over time. So read these tips on how to keep jewelry from tarnishing.

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Prevent Damage to Tarnishable Jewelry

Depending on the material and metal it’s made from, a lot of jewelry can tarnish with time. That’s especially true if you live somewhere that has very high humidity regularly. That’s because moisture in the air is the leading cause of tarnishing. Humid climates actually speed up the process. To save your precious metals and jewelry here are some tips on how to keep jewelry from tarnishing.

How To Keep Silver Jewelry From Tarnishing

You need to take a little extra care when it comes to storing silver. In most cases, silver jewelry keeps best inside a felt pouch or wrapped in a silver polishing cloth. That way, there’s minimal exposure to the air. No matter how well you pack it, though, you will need to polish your silver after removing it from storage.

How To Keep Diamond Jewelry From Tarnishing

Diamond jewelry needs proper storage, it’s true. However, this tip is more about how to protect other jewelry. That’s because diamonds are so strong they can scratch other metals and stones. Make sure you wrap anything containing diamonds to protect the other jewelry and cause tarnishing.

How To Keep Pearl Jewelry From Tarnishing

Here’s a not-so-fun fact; storing pearls in plastic can cause them to deteriorate! That means you should never store pearls inside a plastic box or bag. Instead, store them inside a wooden box with felt lining to prevent them from tarnishing.

How To Keep All Types of Jewelry From Tarnishing

If you’re not sure if you’re jewelry is silver, diamond, or pearl, try these tips for full-proof tarnishing prevention.

  • Use silica packets. These small packets, the kind you find when you buy new shoes, are perfect. They’re filled with silica which absorbs moisture and thus will reduce tarnishing.
  • Keep your jewelry dry. Do not store your jewelry in a garage or a basement, as both of those areas are susceptible to moisture. Instead, consider renting a temperature-controlled storage unit to store your tarnishable goods.
  • Use felt-lined boxes. Many types of jewelry boxes are lined with felt. The felt protects the jewelry by adding a light layer of protection against outside forces, like impacts and moisture.
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Keep Your Jewelry Safe With SecurCare

We hope the tips and advice above turn you into a tarnish-fighting pro! Follow these tips and your jewelry is sure to stay in tip-top shape. Now that you know how to keep jewelry from tarnishing, read our article about keeping your necklaces and rings safe while moving.

We’re SecurCare Self Storage, the storage experts! We have storage units that are safe for all your jewelry and whatever else you may need to store. They’re clean and secure, too, with on-site managers and 24/7 security cameras. If you have questions, you can chat with a friendly manager online anytime! Or, come on down and say hello at one of our local stuff storage locations! Until then, best of luck packing your jewelry for moving. We hope it all arrives safe and sound in your new home!

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