How To Pack Necklaces Without Tangling & Pack Jewelry for Moving

If you’re wondering how to pack jewelry for moving, you’re in the right place. We have your pearls and pendants covered. These hacks will help your necklaces stay straight and tangle-free and keep your earrings and rings intact. Here’s how to pack jewelry for moving and store necklaces without tangling.

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How To Pack & Store Necklaces Without Tangling

There’s no doubt about it — untangling necklaces is a pain. Even with this TikTok hack on how to untangle a necklace, it’s still best to prevent tangles from even happening. Lucky for you, we have 6 ideas on how to keep your necklaces in tip-top shape.

Idea #1: Toilet Paper Rolls to Store Necklaces

Yes, that’s right, a used roll from a roll of toilet paper works perfectly. You simply unclasp a necklace, thread it through the role, and re-clasp it. The beauty of this system is that you can place quite a few necklaces on the same roll. You can do the same with straws, but they are only suitable for one necklace each. (Plus, straws are really bad for the environment!)

Idea #2: Use Sandwich Bags to Store Necklaces

One way to ensure you pack your necklaces without tangling is to place each in a small sandwich or snack bag. That way, there’s absolutely no way that one, or several, will get tangled together. If the necklace itself is particularly fragile, you can wrap it in tissue paper or toilet paper first. Then, place it in the bag, force out the extra air, and flatten it. Easy peasy!

Idea #3: Use a Hobby Box to Store Necklaces

We mentioned these already when speaking about moving earrings and rings. They work perfectly for necklaces as well! That’s because you can separate them in a hobby box’s small compartments. These are also excellent for costume jewelry that’s not as fragile as genuine jewelry.

How to Pack Necklaces Without Tangling

Idea #4: Store Necklaces on Plastic Hangers

Plastic hangers are perfect for storing statement necklaces (à la BaubleBar). Wrap the necklace around the lower rings of the hanger. Finally, to pack the necklaces without tangling, place each hanger in a thin luggage compartment.

Idea #5: Protect Necklaces with Plastic Wrap

To pack necklaces without tangling, try some plastic wrap. Layout a sheet that’s big enough to cover a medium-sized bowl, or just small enough so the 2 ends extend beyond either side. Then roll the plastic wrap and connect the two ends. The clingy grip of the plastic wrap will keep each necklace in place.

Idea #6: Try Trays to Store Necklaces Without Tangling

Any tray with compartments will work, including those made to hold office supplies or kitchen utensils. These trays work the same way for necklaces—keeping them separated, but together. Once all of the sections are filled, wrap the whole tray in plastic wrap.

How To Pack Earrings & Rings for Moving

Now that you know how to store necklaces without tangling, let’s learn how to pack other jewelry for moving. Earrings and rings are a particular challenge when moving because they’re, well, small. You don’t want to pack them in a big box because they could easily get lost. But, you don’t want to pack them in tiny boxes, because THAT could get lost. So what should you do?

Idea #1: Use a Pill Case to Pack Earrings and Rings

If you’ve ever used a pill case for organizing your pills, you’ll know why they’re perfect for small objects. They have seven different containers that will fit rings and earrings in most cases. Also, the small chambers in the case will keep your different jewelry types separated.

Idea #2: Use a Jewelry Box to Pack Earrings for Moving

If you already have a jewelry box, you can use that to move your earring and rings very easily. One caveat; make sure you can securely close the jewelry box. It doesn’t need to lock all the way, per se, but you should make sure it’s securely shut so nothing falls out during the move.

Idea #3: Use a Jewelry Roll to Pack Earrings and Rings

Outside of a jewelry box, this might be the best way to move jewelry. A jewelry roll is simply a piece of soft but heavy material with pockets sewn in it. You place your jewelry in the pockets or in the roll itself and then roll it up as the name suggests. Some jewelry rolls are even made of leather and come with a clasp and key for extra safety.

Idea #4: Use a Hobby Box to Pack Earrings and Rings

Most big-box department stores have a hobby department that sells compartmentalized plastic boxes. People use these for hobbies and, not surprisingly, many times for jewelry-making hobbies. Their small compartments make them perfect for protecting earrings and rings when moving.

Store Valuables with a Name You Can Trust

That’s how to store necklaces without tangling & pack jewelry for moving. We hope the tips and advice above turn you into a necklace packing pro! We’re SecurCare Self Storage, the storage experts! We have storage units that are safe for all your jewelry and whatever else you may need to store. They’re clean and secure, too, with on-site managers and 24/7 video recording. 

If you have questions, you can chat with a friendly manager online anytime! Or, come on down and say hello at one of our local self-storage locations! Until then, best of luck packing your jewelry for moving. We hope it all arrives safe and sound in your new home!

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