How To Arrange a China Cabinet: Your Visual Guide

how to arrange a china cabinet infographic and visual guide

Whether you haven’t seen your china set since your wedding or it’s stacked and waiting to be organized, our infographic will teach you how to decorate a china cabinet with dishes. Learn how to arrange a china cabinet with these simple steps:

How to Arrange A China Cabinet

Start from the Top

Add place settings to the top shelf. You can place 3-5 settings depending on the size of your cabinet. Use teacups and saucers to fill space between the settings.

Fill in the Middle

Add special serving pieces—like a pitcher—to the center of the shelf. Use wine or tall water glasses to show off additional items from your collection.

Ground the Bottom

Arrange to place a large serving platter on the bottom shelf of your china cabinet to create balance and symmetry. Fill any remaining space with plates and glasses to complete the look.

Store Extra Items

Store additional place settings, napkins, and table accessories in the drawers of your cabinet. If your cabinet doesn’t have drawers, stack settings and glasses in neat rows on the bottom shelf. Send the rest to self storage with SecurCare!

Your china cabinet will be so expertly arranged that even the pickiest of grandmas will be proud of your perfect presentation.

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