Christmas Decoration Storage: Fa-La-La-Lots of Tips

Fragile ornaments and fluffy garland require preparation before they’re stored away. Proper packing and holiday storage totes make Christmas decoration storage an easy task. Here’s how to tuck away the trimmings and tinsel ‘til next year:

Christmas Decoration Storage 101: Ornament Storage

Not all ornaments are created equal—your specific collection determines your Christmas decoration storage needs.

Fragile Ornaments

Crystal, glass, and family heirloom ornaments deserve special treatment. Keep these ornaments in plastic ornament storage boxes.

These are designed to store ornaments and include dividers, so each ornament is contained in its own space. You can wrap extra fragile ornaments in tissue before placing them in the container. Make sure the container has a hard lid so nothing is crushed inside.

Shatter-Proof Ornaments

Additionally, store filler ornaments made of plastic or other unbreakable materials in a variety of ways. While you should store these in plastic containers, you don’t necessarily need to use ornament-specific storage containers. You can also use other less expensive options to organize your Christmas decoration storage:

  • Gallon-sized plastic bags
  • Egg cartons
  • Original packaging
  • Holiday storage totes

Oddly Shaped Ornaments

Next, non-uniformly shaped ornaments are harder to store. If the ornaments are not fragile, you can wrap them in tissue paper and store them in plastic bags. If they are fragile, you can keep the original packaging and store them in a plastic container.

Garland + Lights Storage

Lastly, long strands of garland and lights easily tangle if not stored properly. We recommend wrapping these items (separately) around a piece of cardboard and securing each end with a piece of heavy-duty tape. Place in Christmas decoration storage totes or plastic containers.

Storing Christmas decorations properly at the end of the season keeps you organized and prevents damage.

Stay organized all holiday season long with these tips:

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