Properly Dispose of Your Holiday Decorations

The holidays are upon us, but it’s never too early to think about how you’ll eventually remove this year’s decorations. Many will return to an attic or self-storage unit, but some need to be disposed of properly. The idea of someone leaving a holiday tree or lights up long after the holidays is a perennial joke, but keeping old decorations up is actually no laughing matter. According to the National Fire Prevention Agency, this practice can be a dangerous proposition. In fact, 40 percent of the holiday tree fires reported to the agency occurred in January. To avoid any safety issues, it’s best to dispose of or put away holiday decorations soon after the holidays are over. Here are some tips on how to properly dispose of everything:

Fake and Real Trees

Obviously, the disposal process is different for fake trees and their real counterparts, but real tree aficionados should consider taking their trees down faster than people who keep things artificial. A real tree dries out over time, and when dry wood is combined with the heat of holiday lights and possibly frayed light wires, fires become much more likely. Getting rid of a real tree takes a bit of work, but many cities make it relatively easy. Generally they will offer curbside pickup to recycle used trees. If the city doesn’t offer to pick up the tree, check with a local recycling center or waste processor. They’ll often accept old trees that they can turn into mulch for city projects. During most years, a fake tree will simply be packed up so it can get reused during the next holiday season. Eventually, however, even an artificial fir will need to be disposed of, and this can be tricky. While certain elements of these trees are recyclable, it’s difficult to separate all the component parts. Contact local waste disposal services to discover how best to deal with these items.

Holiday Lights

Light strands often end up in landfills after the holidays, but they can actually be recycled. Many areas offer special programs to collect the lights, which can be processed by certain recycling operations. Once your light strands and extension cords arrive at the facility, they will be shredded and then split into different materials. These powders can then be used to make a wide variety of new products. Consider putting any decorations that you need to keep safe year after year in a SecurCare Self Storage facility. With a wide selection of storage units and convenient locations, we are sure to have the space you need.