Resolutions for an Organized New Year

The New Year is right around the corner, and it brings the opportunity to change your behavior and become a more organized person. Even if you already keep your home in good order, a few organizational resolutions will improve your life and ensure your home is clean. If you haven’t already done so, this might be the year to get a storage unit in a self storage facility. A bit of extra space will make any organizational effort much easier. Here are some other tips to keep away the clutter in 2015:

Never Lose Your Keys

Lost keys are a perennial problem for many people, and nothing is more frustrating than delaying your departure from the home while you search through the couch cushions to locate your car keys. Remove this pain point from your life by establishing a small dish or plate near the door that is specifically devoted to your keys. When you walk in, put your keys in the bowl, and when you walk out, pick them up. If you’re consistent about putting the keys down as you enter, you’ll never have trouble finding them when you leave.

Put Shelves in Your Hallways

The hallways that run through your home often represent a lot of wasted potential storage space. Floor to ceiling shelving in these areas offers a great way to maximize your efficiency and can add visual flair to the hallway. Shelving also offers a great way to get books and other items out of closets and on display.

Sort Cords and Wires

It’s likely you received some new electronics over the holidays, so take this opportunity to declutter the space behind your television or computer. It’s easy to let cords mutate into a rat’s nest, but with a bit of time, you can sort those wires and make them virtually invisible. Use different colors of tape or wire bag ties from the supermarket to bind wires coming from each device to other wires plugged into that item. This will help you quickly locate connection problems in the future and will keep the wires from getting tangled again.

Stack Your Shoes

Shoes are an organizational pain because they take up a ton of floor space and can easily get kicked around. Start storing your shoes vertically to keep individual pairs together and to free up your closet floor for other uses. Shelving units or plastic bins make it simple to keep shoes off the ground and neatly sorted. SecurCare has all the space you need to keep your home organized this year. Stop by a local storage facility today to find the perfect unit for you!