Prepare Your Home for a Quick and Easy Sale

It can be stressful to sell your home, and nothing is more frustrating that having your house on the market for months while you wonder why there isn’t a buyer. To avoid that situation, take some steps early on to make your house as appealing as possible during showings. The following tips should get your old house off the market quickly so you can focus on moving into your new home:

Get a Storage Space

A storage unit at a self storage facility is a useful tool for any move, but it can also be worthwhile during the selling process. As you’ll see, preparing your home for sale means removing a lot of clutter. Unless you have friends who can offer a lot of space to hold your stuff while your home is on the market, a storage unit is your best option to stash things that can’t stay in your house.

Take Out Some Furniture

Before you start showing your house, go through each room and remove a single piece of furniture. Then, move the remaining pieces so they sit away from the walls. This is a classic trick that makes your home seem larger, airier and less cluttered. It also gives potential purchasers more space to look around. While you may miss the extra seating, buyers will be charmed by your spacious abode.

Remove Yourself From the Equation

Part of selling a home is convincing potential owners they could settle into your space and make it their own. That’s very difficult to do when your family photos are on every wall and countertop, so do a bit of editing. A few pictures make a place feel welcoming, but too many can be alienating for a potential buyer.

Clean the Bathroom

A clean bathroom and kitchen are a major focus for many buyers, so devote extra time to making sure those areas look their best. Clean grout between tiles, and repair any water damage above showers or sinks. These are small changes that can dramatically alter how much people are willing to pay.

Consider your lighting

Harsh overhead lights can make even the most beautiful room look cheap. Focus on finding tasteful light fixtures that will keep a place bright and inviting rather than cold and clinical. It might be worth it to buy some incandescent bulbs. While they’re less energy efficient than newer bulbs, people tend to respond to their warm yellow light.