Keep Your Workshop Organized

Whether you’re a dedicated hobbyist who builds models or a woodworker who crafts fine pieces of furniture, your life revolves around your workshop. This might be a small corner of your home or a storage unit in a self storage facility, but it’s undoubtedly a special place where you are able to create. Anyone who uses a workbench can tell you the importance of keeping your workspace clean, it will make you more productive and make the entire process less stressful. Here are some ways to organize your workspace and keep yourself focused:

Get Some Magnets

Powerful magnets provide endless uses for a handyman or hobbyist. They can be used to pick up screws and other small metal items, can attach blueprints and plans to metal surfaces for easy reference and even act as a helping hand. If you’ll be moving around but still need easy access to nails or other small items, stick a powerful magnet in your pocket. A strong enough magnet will allow you to stick nails or other metal bits to the outside of your pants, where you can easily reach them while on the job.

Buy a Pegboard

If the back wall of your workspace isn’t dominated by a pegboard, you are probably wasting vertical space. Pegboards are simple and cheap, but they open up a huge number of organizational options that are indispensable for keeping tools in order. In addition to hooks, pegboards can accommodate shelving units, specialized holders for small tools like screwdrivers and even units that hold several small drawers for tiny screws and other items.

Label Everything

This is a simple change, but it can make a huge difference. Purchase a set of drawers, and then divide all of your small items and tools by type. Place them in the drawers, and label them very specifically. While this process will be time-consuming, it ensures that you never waste time searching for the perfect fastener.

Organize Items by Job

Make your life easier when you begin a new project by sorting all the tools you’ll need for that specific task separately and ahead of time. Splitting your workplace up by project will help you stay focused on the task at hand, because you’ll constantly be reminded of the most pressing thing to complete. A SecurCare Self Storage facility has all the space amateur or professional builders and hobbyists need to create. Whether you need a place to store your materials or want to move your workshop out of the house, we have a storage unit that will suit your needs.