Use the Holidays to Declutter for the New Year

It’s nice to think of the new year as a fresh start, but it’s hard to look toward the future when you’re surrounded by items from your past. The holidays provide an opportunity to step back and look at your possessions with fresh eyes. You can use this season to decide what you really need, and clean out the clutter that can easily overrun your home or self-storage unit. Use the following tips to streamline your life, and remember that your unused items don’t need to end up in the trash. Donating your old possessions to a charitable organization is a great way to help others this holiday season, so make sure items that are still functional find a new home.

Get Rid of Trash First

It will be easier to decide what to donate to charity if you get rid of the genuinely worthless items that get piled in closets or forgotten in storage units. While this might seem like an overwhelming process, it can only take a few minutes if you focus your efforts. Set a time limit of around 15 minutes for each room or space you tackle. During that time, try to fill as many trash bags as you can. This will make you efficient, because it prevents the sort of indecision that can make a cleaning project eat your whole day.

Decide What to Donate

You never want to give undesirable or broken items to charitable organizations, so carefully evaluate what items will be best to donate. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to donate items that you could conceivably sell. This will ensure the items you provide to others are in working order.

Prevent New Items from Contributing to the Problem

Exchanging gifts is a wonderful part of the holidays, it can also make your existing clutter even worse. Rather than stacking new items on top of old, challenge yourself to get rid of two belongings for every new item you receive. You’ll be amazed at how much you’re comfortable getting rid of, and the space you free up with this method will surprise you.

Sort What Remains

Now that you’ve pared your possessions down to the more essential items, take time to organize those items properly. Properly shelve books, movies and music, eliminate the rats nest of wires behind your entertainment center and sort the clothes in your closet. These simple steps will reduce your stress as you head into the new year. SecurCare Self Storage facilities can provide you with the space you need to organize your possessions and keep clutter out of your home. Stop by a facility today, and see how our offerings can clean up your life!