Tips on Organizing a Baby’s Nursery

Congratulations if you’ve got a baby on the way or just given birth! This is an exciting time in your life that will undoubtedly be joyful and amazing! If you’re like most, you’ve probably set up your baby’s nursery and stocked it with all the supplies you’ll need to take care of your little bundle of joy. It’s a lot of stuff, from changing tables and diaper bins to toy holders, hope chests, baby swings, and more! One problem many new parents have with all that stuff is keeping their nursery organized. With a new baby in your home, you’re probably not getting as much sleep as usual, and things might be confusing. To help you stay in control (and keep your sanity), SecurCare Self Storage put together the helpful information below, filled with tips, advice, and ideas on nursery organization!

The Importance of Nursery Organization

The true importance of having an organized baby nursery cannot be understated. While it’s true that having a new baby is a wonderful and life-changing experience, it’s also true that babies bring a lot of extra responsibility and often chaotic situations. (If you’ve ever had a baby suddenly throw up all over you, you’ll know exactly what we mean.) That’s especially true for first-time parents who have never experienced what it’s like to have a baby around the house full-time.

An organized nursery is one of the best ways to keep your sanity and attend to your baby more quickly and easily. You know exactly where everything is in an organized nursery and can get it fast. Things like diapers, teething, rings, onesies, pullovers, thermometers, cotton swabs, Q-tips, baby bottles, burping towels, and more than a few others.

With everything organized and in its place, when your baby starts to cry, cough, whine, or wants their bottle, you can grab it right away and soothe your little one before they get too worked up. That alone can be the thing that helps you stay calm and low-key, even when your bundle of joy is a bundle of fussiness.

Creative Storage Solutions

Woman searching through organized drawer of baby clothes

There are many ways to be creative when organizing a nursery, far more than we could list here. Below, though, we’ve got a few that we like most.

Tip #1: Use a normal dresser as a changing table.

That way, you’ll have several drawers underneath to store other baby items like clothes, toys, bibs, etc.

Tip #2: Use a behind-the-door shoe rack to organize baby clothes.

Easy to hang on the back of a door, a plastic shoe organizer fits baby clothes perfectly! Diapers, bottles, and other baby stuff fit, too, and since they’re clear plastic, you can see exactly what’s in every pocket.

 Tip #3: Purchase and use a diaper caddy.

Diaper caddies are great for keeping your baby’s nursery organized. They’re super portable, you can grab them with one hand, and they hold plenty of diapers, wipes, creams, etc. You can also grab them and go to another room in a flash!

Tip #4: Use drawer dividers

Keeping track of your baby’s clothing, including tiny socks, underwear, shirts, onesies, shoes, and more, can be tricky in a big dresser drawer. Rather than throwing everything together all willy-nilly, you can use drawer dividers to organize every drawer like a pro.

Tip #5: Buy a cube shelf

Cube shelves are divided into squares that you can use with removable baskets shaped, not surprisingly, like cubes. It’s a fantastic way to keep larger things organized in your baby’s nursery, like toys, pants, booties, shoes, and more.

Tip #6: Add a large armoire to your baby’s nursery.

Many folks put their baby’s nursery in the smallest room of their home or apartment with little or no closet space. A large armoire is perfect if that’s you or you need more closet space. You can store a metric ton of baby stuff in an armoire, and with several different shelves and hanging areas, organization is much easier.

How to Maintain Nursery Organization

Cabinet full of baby supplies that is organized

Maintaining your baby’s nursery is easier than the initial organization. However, you have to keep up with it as much as possible. The last thing you want is for all your organizational efforts to go to waste. Here are a few tips:

  • Always put things back in their correct place right away.
  • Do a quick organization check once a week
  • Make sure your significant other is on the same page as you organization-wise. Supplies are stocked, like diapers, wipes, creams, etc.
  • Don’t let dirty or clean baby clothes pile up.
  • If you find organizers you like, purchase a few extras. (Trust us, you’ll need them!)

How SecurCare Can Help You Maintain an Organized Nursery

SecurCare Self Storage are experts in self storage and are also experts at helping our customers maintain and organize their baby’s nursery. By providing clean, secure, and easily accessible storage, we empower our customers to grow and change along with their babies.

Take a couple living in a 2-bedroom apartment. The spare bedroom is full of regular bedroom furniture, but they want to have a nursery for their upcoming baby. The solution? Store the regular furniture in a self storage unit from SecurCare until they need it again. It’s simple, easy, cost-effective, and convenient. Plus, you can put shelving units and other organizers in a self storage unit if, for example, you’ve had twins or triplets and have a metric ton of baby stuff. The solutions are endless. For help deciding what size storage unit you need, check out our convenient storage unit size guide. You can also see the facility accessibility at all of our locations and be sure to find the SecurCare Self Storage location nearest your home. Until then, best of luck organizing your baby’s nursery and keeping it that way after your bouncing baby arrives!

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