Things to Do in Moreno Valley, CA

Are you moving to Moreno Valley, CA, soon? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that Moreno Valley is a wonderful place to live and work, with many things to do, see, and enjoy for the entire family. The weather here in the city is spectacular year-round, and Moreno Valley offers many amenities to help you enjoy it (or escape the heat). Read on to discover everything the 2nd-largest city in Riverside County has to offer. 

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Shopping in Moreno Valley

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The shopping in Moreno Valley is excellent, with plenty of brick-and-mortar stores and shops selling everything you need to enjoy life here. Below are some of your best shopping options.

Moreno Valley Mall

Erected in 1992, Moreno Valley Mall offers over 120 stores and shops, including some of America’s biggest names like Macy’s, Champs, JC Penney, and Hot Topic. There are 10 restaurants in the mall’s food court and several specialty stores around the mall. A movie theater with 16 screens is one of the main entertainment attractions, plus a bowling alley and several other play areas for kids and adults alike.

Popular Stores within the Mall

The Moreno Valley Mall has over 120 stores and specialty boutiques and will surely have some of your favorites. 

  •  Victoria’s Secret
  •  Champs
  •  Aeropostale
  •  Macy’s
  •  Bath & Body Works
  • GNC
  •  Lids
  •  Spencer’s
  •  T-Mobile
  •  Zales
  •  Vans
  •  Rue 21
  •  Lens Crafters

Popular Stores around Moreno Valley

As with all big cities in the United States, there are many different shopping options around Moreno Valley. Some of the best include the following:

  • Target
  • Rainbow Shops
  • Burlington
  • T.J. Maxx
  • Vallejo Western Wear
  • Hollister Co.
  • DDs Discounts
  • OBY International African and Caribbean stores

Restaurants in Moreno Valley

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You’ll be glad to know that Moreno Valley offers a wide variety of different dining options, from traditional American to international cuisine from far and wide. The city is home to restaurants that offer flavors from around the world and will make your taste buds truly happy. That includes American cuisine, of course, but also Greek, Mexican, Italian, Indian, Thai, and even Mongolian. In other words, you’ll find practically any type of food you like and many that you’ve never tried before (but definitely should).

Best Restaurants in Moreno Valley

  • Green Onion (Mexican)- Traditional Mexican done right.
  • Hoggs Gourmet Grill (American)- One of the most popular in the area.
  • Chicago Pasta House (Italian)- Deep-dish Chicago pizza and steamed mussels? Yes, please!
  • Curry & Kebab (Indian)- Try the superb Tika Masala!
  • Black Bear Diner (American)- Comfort food at its very best.
  • David Chang’s Dragon House (Chinese)- More than the typical Chinese fare makes this a popular eatery.
  • Thai Garden (Thai)- One of the highest-rated eateries in Moreno Valley.
  • The Cupcake & Espresso Bar (Coffee)- An excellent place for breakfast or a yummy dessert.
  • Red Maple Pizza (Italian)- The most popular pizza place in the area.
  • France House of Crepes (French)- Delectable French cuisine and phenomenal crepes. What more can you ask for?!

Food trucks? Hole in the walls? Best mom and pops?

There are only a few food trucks around Moreno Valley, but the few here are excellent. B4MEE, for example, serves sushi on the go and caters to parties and groups. Taquiza Caleb grills up authentic Mexican cuisine all over town, and Peps Original Flautas y Mas does the same. All three have a 5-star review average which is as good as it gets!


The weather in Moreno Valley, CA, can be described in one word; sensational. In winter, for example, Best Places gives Moreno Valley a comfort index of 8.4 / 10, which is excellent. Summer gets a 7.4 / 10 rating for comfort, which is also excellent and means that you’ll be very comfortable living in Moreno Valley for the majority of the year.

As you might expect in this area of California, the temperatures will be quite high from May through September, reaching 95° F or higher on most days. The lows around this time of year typically don’t go below 55° F, which is excellent sleeping weather. Moreno Valley, California is extremely dry, so you’re not going to see a lot of rainy days, and as for snow, there’s absolutely zero chance you’ll see any of the white stuff here. 

Outdoor Activities in Moreno Valley

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When you consider that Moreno Valley has over 270 sunny days per year and very low humidity, it’s not surprising that folks here love to get out and enjoy outdoor activities, especially hiking. Some of the best hiking trails around the area include the following:

  • Lake Perris Loop Trail
  • Terry Peak Loop Trail
  • Bernasconi Hills Trail
  • Box Springs Mountain Loop
  • Cold Creek Trail
  • Edison Loop Trail
  • Terri Peak

Other fun, exciting and interesting things to do around Moreno Valley include the Western Science CenterMarch Field Air MuseumOrange Empire Railway Museum, and spectacular Box Springs Mountain.

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