Unique Living Room Ideas and Furniture

The living room is the center of the home. It’s where we spend time with friends and make memories, so you should make sure you love your living room. These unique living room ideas will help you design your home to make it uniquely yours. Whether you love to curl up and watch tv on a cloud sofa or you like to lounge in a minimalist and modern home, we can help! Forget interior design rules, and think about how to make your home work for you! We’re here to show you exciting and unique living room furniture options. Think outside the usual sectional and get creative with your seating! So, if you’re interested in creating a unique living room, here are six unique, comfortable, and attractive ways to decorating your living room!

1. Hang a Hammock (or other unique living room furniture)

Nothing says relaxation better than resting in your hammock or swinging chair at the end of the day. For a light and airy boho look, opt for a cream of white woven hammock.

Before you hang anything, always check with your builder. If you are hanging any type of soft furnishings from the walls or ceiling, it is important to make sure the structure can take the extra weight. You may need to add extra supports to be certain it’s structurally sound.

There are many different types of hanging seating that can add movement to your living room for a unique flair. Choose between a hammock, hanging egg chair, or a swing for your living room.

unique living room ideas

2. Opt for Boho Floor Seating

Next, floor cushions are a great way to add extra seating to a cramped living room. In addition, floor cushions give your space a casual and bohemian feel. Also, they are available in fun colors and patterns that add an element of playfulness to your home.

3. Incorporate Comfy and Cozy Bean Bags

Who said that bean bags are only for kids and college dorm rooms? Bean bags are an awesome flexible seating option. In addition to the many different textures and colors available, ben bags are great for rearranging. For example, you can rearrange your bean bag living room whenever you want unlike a traditional sofa or sectional.

In addition, you can now get bean bags in stylish leather or other materials to suit your style. Gone are the day of childish bean bags. You can even buy luxury bean bags! Not to mention that bean bags are lightweight and washable. So if you’re a messy eater or maybe you have furry pets, you can quickly toss your bean bag cover in the washing machine!

unique living room ideas

4. Furnish Your Living Room with Stylish Chairs

Rather than a traditional sectional or sofa, furnish your living room with statement chairs or recliners. For example, you can create a conversation area by arranging a few chairs around a coffee table. Also, this is perfect for folks who don’t need their tv to be the center of their living room. Instead focus on great company and relaxation. Not to mention that there are almost endless options when choosing statement chairs. You can select a variety of sizes, colors, textures, and prices!

5. Lounge on a Daybed

Add a daybed to your living room. It is both cozy and functional. The daybed is a happy combination of a sofa and a bed. This makes it an elegant and unobtrusive way to add somewhere to lay down in a smaller living room.

6. Build a Unique Window Seat in Your Living Room

Lastly, build a DIY window seat in your living room. An inviting window seat is a wonderful way to save space and add a cozy seat to your space.

Sure, you might not have the most window space in your living room. But if you have a window, you should make the most of it. Add a built-in window seat or place a comfy seat next to the window to enjoy the view from your living room window.

It will give you an additional sitting space, and it can be very comfy, too. The best thing about it is that you can do it on your own. You can easily construct a seat out of a bench or a low cabinet with some comfortable seat cushions. After all, nothing says unique living room furniture quite like a custom-built window seat!

unique living room ideas

Final Thoughts for Unique Living Room Ideas

Add Some Greenery to the Scenery

Plants offer liveliness in any space. Apartment Therapy suggests asking a friend or neighbor to divide a plant for you to enjoy in your own living room. Not only will it add a little life to your living room, but it will also flatter whoever takes care of the original plant.

Try a New Arrangement

Moving furniture around and trying different layouts can make your space look fresh and interesting. You may also find that putting your sofa or desk in another spot actually opens up space and makes your living room seem a little larger.

Add Some Color for a Unique Living Room

Nothing changes a room quite like a new paint job. Check out hues that compliment the color scheme in your living room and spend a weekend painting the entire space, or dedicate a few hours to adding an accent wall. If you don’t want to spend your time doing a project that is so labor-intensive, consider investing in throw blankets and decorative pillows that add a punch of color.

unique living room ideas

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This content was originally published on 10/23/2015, it was updated on 06/17/2022.

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