How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Kitchen?

Between the granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, kitchen renovation costs can add up quickly. So how much does it cost to renovate a kitchen? If you’re wondering the same thing, we’re here to help you plan your renovation budget. Preheat your planning skills before you cook up a new kitchen. Learn what most people pay for projects, plus how to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

First, Plan your Kitchen Renovation

Regardless of your budget, it’s always best to start with planning. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of the renovation when you decide you don’t like something or it’s over budget. If you have to stop the project while waiting for replacements to arrive, it can waste lots of time.
To prevent your renovation project from turning into a money pit, you should plan as much as possible beforehand. For example, many larger cities have home improvement expos to show the latest kitchen tech and gadgets. Your local big-box home improvement store can be a big help too. They have all the different materials, cabinets, hardware, and more on display. The bigger stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s also have huge kitchen display areas with complete kitchens. They can give you a fantastic idea of what your renovated kitchen will look like when finished. Lastly, you can use DIY and home renovation apps to help you plan.

Apps to Help Renovate Your Kitchen

You’ve probably heard the phrase there’s an app for that and it holds true for kitchen renovations! In fact, there are several kitchen renovation apps available, and many of them are free. They all make it easier to see what your new kitchen will look like when finished. Below we’ll take a quick look at these handy apps and their best features and benefits. You can use these apps to visualize your kitchen renovation and also to estimate how much it will cost.
The biggest problem planning a kitchen renovation on paper is you can’t see how your new kitchen will look. So TapGlance helps by giving you photo-real renderings of your planned kitchen. Even better, you can choose from thousands of items, colors, and materials. Mixing and matching is a breeze with TapGlance’s intuitive app, and there’s no experience needed. The app also has a ‘Family Sharing’ feature to collaborate with up to six people, which is fantastic. Available for the iPhone and iPad, TapGlance is free to use. Our recommendation; use it on an iPad for clear, beautiful renderings of your new kitchen.
Folks with Android phones aren’t left out when it comes to kitchen renovation apps. Home Design 3D was made specifically for Android devices and, like the other apps, is an excellent planning tool. It’s got 3D visualization, which we have to admit is very satisfying. Use the app to plot out your kitchen, then change and change again until you find your perfect combination. One slightly negative aspect of the Home Design 3D app? Although it’s free, you can’t save your plans with the free version. For that, you’ll need the ‘Cassic’ version, which is $6.99.
Like TapGlance, HomeByMe goes a step further with 3D renderings in real-time. They use augmented reality (AR) to give you a 360° view of your plans, plus imaging in HD. With HomeByMe, you also get to see projects from others (community projects!). Plus, the 3D imaging lets you see just how much space that new kitchen pantry will provide. It’s a unique and valuable method of kitchen renovation, that’s for sure! HomeByMe has a free version that gives you 3 projects and renderings. If you need more, their ‘unlimited’ plan is $29.00 a month. One extra with that plan is Family Sharing, which, as we’ve seen, is free with TapGlance. The app is available for iPhones and iPad.
Although limited to paint colors only, this app for Android phones does have value. It’s from Sherwin-Williams, the paint experts. The app uses AR like HomeByMe to provide beautiful renderings of your kitchen in any color on Sherwin-Williams’ palette. You can also take a photo and match the color of another wall or room. It’s easy to use and fun, too. The app gives you a great idea of how the color will look when your new kitchen is finished. If you like Behr paints more, they offer their ColorSmart App. Or, if Valspar is your fave paint producer, you can choose their Pick-a-Paint App.
No matter which app you choose, all will help you better plan your kitchen renovation. In the end, planning is one of the best ways to ensure you save money on your kitchen renovation project. The better you plan, the fewer money-wasting problems you’ll encounter when installing your new kitchen counters!

Cost Breakdown for Renovating Your Kitchen

First, it’s essential to prepare your kitchen renovation budget before you start any work. That way, you can set a budget that will keep your finances on track for the year. For example, high-end, genuine wood cabinetry will cost considerably more than entry-level cabinetry. The same is true for countertops, backsplash, light fixtures, etc. So, about how much does it cost to renovate your kitchen? Let’s find out!
  • Design fees: $1,000
  • Kitchen installation (Labor): $5,000
  • New Appliances: $4000
  • Kitchen Cabinets and Hardware: $3,000
  • Countertops: $2,300
  • Lighting: $1,500
  • Flooring: $2,000
  • Doors and Windows: $1,000
  • Walls and Ceilings (sheetrock, paint, spackle, etc.): $1,500
  • Faucets and Plumbing: $1,000
  • Miscellaneous: $500
That totals $22,800, which is just under the average calculated by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). Kitchen renovation experts say the typical range is between $13,500 and $38,200. So if you try to stick to the numbers above, you’ll have a good estimate for how much it costs to renovate a kitchen. You can also splurge on, say, the countertops and cut back somewhere else. It’s your choice and your kitchen!

Average Cost to Replace Kitchen Countertops: $3000

Savings Shortcuts: If you had a quarter for every time someone on House Hunters commented on countertops, you could buy a beachfront mansion—maybe two. Upscale counter favorites include granite, quartz and marble. Thankfully for your budget, low-cost countertops can convey the same look.
Shiplap supporters should try wood—it’s durable and costs 50% less than metal or stone. Ceramic tile comes in a myriad of colors and looks identical to granite and marble. Easy to install, ceramic tile can cut out contractor costs.
Kitchen Renovation Costs: Your Complete Guide wood
Wood countertops are inexpensive, durable, and give a unique look to your kitchen.

Average Cost to Replace Kitchen Cabinets: $300 per cabinet

Savings Shortcuts: Oftentimes kitchen cabinets can be salvaged. The process in a nutshell: Disassemble, clean, sand, paint, prime and reinstall. For step-by-step instructions, check out these 4, in-depth tutorials. It may be time-consuming, but even the DIY-impaired can conquer a cabinet makeover.

If your cabinets are kitchen casualties, buy new ones when the time and price are right. You can find quality cabinets at warehouse club stores, like Costco and Sam’s Club. Save when you shop during peak sale times, typically in late August and early September. When it comes to the install, get 2-3 estimates to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Small touches can make a big difference.

Stainless steel isn’t all it takes to transform a kitchen. Something as simple as swapping out cabinet hardware can give your kitchen a whole new look. Paint walls to coordinate with your new countertops. Tie it together with new dish towels, oven mitts, and rugs for a budget-friendly facelift. Peruse Pinterest for inspiration and tips to help you save on kitchen renovation costs. No matter your style, we hope this post has helped you understand how much it costs to renovate a kitchen!

This post was originally published on 06/06/2018. It was updated on 07/30/2022.

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