Kitchen Renovation Costs: Your Complete Guide

Between the granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, kitchen renovation costs can add up quickly. But what is the average cost to remodel a kitchen? It varies based on your quality preference and project severity, but the average kitchen reno costs nearly $22,000.

Preheat your planning skills before you cook up a new kitchen. Learn what most people pay for projects, plus how to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

Average Cost to Replace Kitchen Countertops: $3000

Savings Shortcuts: If you had a quarter for every time someone on House Hunters commented on countertops, you could buy a beachfront mansion—maybe two. Upscale counter favorites include granite, quartz and marble. Thankfully for your budget, low-cost countertops can convey the same look.

Shiplap supporters should try wood—it’s durable and costs 50% less than metal or stone. Ceramic tile comes in a myriad of colors and looks identical to granite and marble. Easy to install, ceramic tile can cut out contractor costs.

Wood countertops are inexpensive, durable, and give a unique look to your kitchen.
Kitchen Renovation Costs: Your Complete Guide wood

Average Cost to Replace Kitchen Cabinets: $300 per cabinet

Savings Shortcuts: Oftentimes kitchen cabinets can be salvaged. The process in a nutshell: Disassemble, clean, sand, paint, prime and reinstall. For step-by-step instructions, check out these 4, in-depth tutorials. It may be time-consuming, but even the DIY-impaired can conquer a cabinet makeover.

If your cabinets are kitchen casualties, buy new ones when the time and price are right. You can find quality cabinets at warehouse club stores, like Costco and Sam’s Club. Save when you shop during peak sale times, typically in late August and early September. When it comes to the install, get 2-3 estimates to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Small touches can make a big difference.

Stainless steel isn’t all it takes to transform a kitchen. Something as simple as swapping out cabinet hardware can give your kitchen a whole new look. Paint walls to coordinate with your new countertops. Tie it together with new dish towels, oven mitts, and rugs for a budget-friendly facelift. Peruse Pinterest for inspiration and tips to help you save on kitchen renovation costs.