How to Store a Tuxedo

There’s nothing else quite like the classic style of a well-fitting tuxedo. The beauty of a tuxedo is the timeless and effortless grace it brings to a look. Whether at a gala or other celebration, a nice tuxedo will always make a fantastic impression. For decades it’s been a common sight at both the Academy Awards and Presidential dinners. So if you want to own a tuxedo, you first need to learn how to store a tuxedo.

If you wear a tuxedo frequently, and some people do, one question you might have is how to store it well. Even if you only plan to wear your tuxedo once in a blue moon, storing it correctly is essential. If you don’t, your once sharp look could turn into a disheveled mess. To help you prevent that, below we’ve got the top methods and tips for how to store a tuxedo. To keep you and your tuxedo looking fine for years to come, read on.

The Importance of Your Tuxedo’s Fabric

Tuxedos come in various different materials and fabrics. How to store your tuxedo best will depend on the material. For example, wool is a commonly used tuxedo fabric that offers extra warmth against the cold. On the other hand, linen tuxedos are more lightweight, making them perfect for attending celebrations in spring and summer. We can help you store your tuxedo no matter what it’s made of, but the first step is to find out. That way, you will know how to properly care for and store your tuxedo without fear of it getting ruined.

Use a Suit Brush for Your Tuxedo

First, you should always brush your tuxedo after every wear. This quick step will remove dust and small bits of debris that might have landed on your tuxedo. Also, this will prevent any damaging, hard-to-remove stains from forming. Dried food and other stuff can easily be brushed off a tuxedo, also. That makes brushing your tuxedo after every use essential for long-term care. Suit brushes are affordable and easy to bring with you wherever you go!

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Always Hang Your Tuxedo (Don’t Fold It)

Many men are under the impression that folding a tuxedo is a good idea. No offense to those guys but it isn’t. But don’t worry that’s why we’re here to help you learn how to store you tuxedo properly. Folding a tuxedo can cause it to wrinkle and form hard-to-remove creases in the fabric. Your tuxedo can also lose its finely-crafted shape if you fold it for storage. That’s why it’s always better to hang a tuxedo on a hanger.

A hanger allows your tuxedo to drape in its natural shape, which is vitally important. There are also special hangers that are thicker to support the tuxedo’s shoulder area and pads. In addition, wooden hangers are best. No matter which hanger you use, it’s bound to be better than folding your tuxedo when you’re not wearing it.

Keep a Steamer At the Ready

If you wear a tuxedo frequently and bring it with you when traveling, one essential tool is a hand-steamer. The thing is, even on a thick, wooden hanger, your tuxedo is prone to wrinkling while stored. Plus, wrinkles are almost certain if you travel with your tuxedo in a garment bag or other luggage.

Having a hand steamer ready will remove those wrinkles almost instantly. As the name suggests, it’s a device that uses steam to remove wrinkles in most fabrics. Keep in mind a hand steamer and iron are very different devices. An iron must touch a fabric directly to work, whereas a hand steamer never contacts the material. You hold the device a few inches over the tux while it’s hanging to remove wrinkles quickly.

Dry Clean Your Tuxedo Before Storing It

To ensure your tuxedo is free from dirt, debris, food, and other damaging stuff, dry cleaning is a must. That’s especially true before you store your tuxedo, as anything left on it could cause mold, mildew, or irremovable stains. The fact is, dry cleaning is best for tuxedos and the only recommended method of cleaning them. (Your home washer can ruin the fabric permanently.)

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Store Your Tuxedo in a Wardrobe Box

Do you plan to store your tuxedo and other delicate clothes in a self-storage unit from SecurCare? If so, we highly recommend purchasing a wardrobe box (or several) for the task. Wardrobe boxes are large, thick boxes with a hanger bar included. They’re perfect for hanging clothes while in storage and will protect your tuxedo well.

Wardrobe boxes are fantastic for home use, too, especially if you lack closet space. If you need them, you’ll be glad to know we sell wardrobe boxes at most SecurCare Self Storage locations. If you need some or have more questions about how to store a tuxedo, contact SecurCare Self Storage today! (You can also chat with us online any time you like!)

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