Storing Your Summer Wardrobe

While we may see a few more days of warmth, there’s no denying lower temperatures are on their way. It is time to whip out your winter gear and stow away those summer garments.

Cut Down on Your Current Wardrobe

Storing your clothing is the perfect opportunity to get rid of any extra items that you no longer use regularly. Take this time to scan through all of your clothes for staying warm and keeping cool and determine what you can get rid of. Reader’s Digest suggests asking a few questions to determine the usefulness of each garment, which will help you decide whether it’s time to part with certain items of clothing. Consider the last time you wore a specific piece, and if it has been longer than two years, get rid of it. In addition, you should ask whether the clothing is still in mint condition. If it looks a little ragged, it might be time to throw it away.

Decide Whether Clothing is Versatile

Before storing all of your summer items, consider whether you can use them during the colder months. A sleeved shirt or cocktail dress can be worn all year long when paired with complamentary garments. You don’t want to go through the hassle of storing a ton of clothes and wind up realizing you need a specific piece for an upcoming wedding or another occasion.

Clean All Clothing

Before storing your summertime wardrobe, Bustle. com, a resource for lovers of fashion, noted you should properly wash all items. Food or drink spills left on garments while they are being stored may result in mold or permanent damage. Ensure everything is clean and dry prior to storing.

Protect Against Moths

When storing your clothing, don’t rely on moth balls that leave a smell reminiscent of Grandma’s house. Cedar can ward off insects while leaving a pleasant scent in its wake. Check out the local hardware store for cedar blocks, hangers or other products.

Pack Clothes Away Properly

Simply stuffing your clothes in a box and stowing them away over the winter months isn’t sufficient. You will want to neatly fold everything and place it in an airtight container. In addition, you may want to place dryer sheets inside each container to keep clothes smelling fresh throughout their time in storage.

Rent a Storage Unit

A climate-controlled storage unit not only allows you to gain access to extra space in your home, but it also keeps all stored items protected from the elements. You can rest assured all of your summer clothes will be ready for warmer temperatures when spring 2016 rolls around. Check out a local SecurCare Self Storage facility near you and find out what storage units are available to cater to your needs.