Organize a Messy Kitchen with These Tips

Your house’s kitchen is more than a space where you prepare food. It also serves as a meeting place for your family and guests and often encompasses the home’s main eating area as well. This multidimensionality means that a clean and organized kitchen can represent a big quality of life improvement, but all of those uses make an organized kitchen difficult to achieve. Organization in a kitchen involves banishing clutter to a self-storage unit, but it also requires a lot of small changes that can keep the mess in check and open the area up for more efficient cooking and socializing. Here are some tips to organize elements of your kitchen:

Empty the Cabinets

The first step towards organization involves cataloging what needs to be sorted. Before you start rearranging items, decide what needs to be arranged. Work around your kitchen, cabinet by cabinet, and empty each out completely in turn. This will help you remove the odd pot or dish that was forgotten in the back corner of each storage area. Simply taking everything out and placing it with a fresh eye should contribute significantly to the room’s overall cleanliness.

Invest in Magnets

Powerful neodymium magnets are a lifesaver for kitchen organization. Whether you just want to keep lists attached to the refrigerator or want to repackage your spices into magnetized containers that can be stuck to a metal sheet mounted on the wall, they can provide endless uses that will help you keep things clean and stylish.

Separate Items

It’s easy to start with a clear organizational idea for your cabinets that falls apart over time. Rather than simply piling things onto a shelf, purchase some smaller baskets or dividers that will help you sort tiny items as they go into the cabinet. While you’re at it, print labels for each container. Seeing these day after day will reinforce your organizational concepts.

Elevate Your Belongings

If most of your kitchen’s storage is in low cabinets that have you reaching down for commonly used items, consider installing elevated shelving units. If you put the things you need frequently up high, you’ll have an easier time reaching them and be encouraged to put them back in the right place when you’re done. If you’re organizing your kitchen, or any other area of your home, turn to SecurCare Self Storage facilities for your storage needs. We have spaces that suit every need, so speak with a store manager today.